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1 22nd July 04:31
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Default 1/2-OT - Personality Types. (psychiatric personality shy silver)

On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 18:20:59 CST, Z.Beeblebrox, in a foul mood because of shoes
that are too tight blurted out:

I like the site and the information. As a salesman, I know the importance of not
trying to knock heads with someone just like me I've made my own study on it
and published a paper, as well.

There are more types, of course, and combos. I have in the past, and still do,
highly recommend the book "New Personality Self-Portrait" by John M. Oldham,
M.D., and Lois B. Morris.

You take a simple test and then chart it out - and the book describes each type
and how that type fits and how that type reacts with other types. A great value
to couples, but great to see yourself only, as well. It takes personality traits
or styles to the extreme as well, in the psychiatric sense. IOW, too much of
something is often a personality disorder (the way the book lays things out).

My main trait is a conscientious style, which is just as Margrove accused me of
being since it's:
Hard Work
The right thing - (holding tight to convictions)
The right way - ("everything must be done right")
Perseverance - (sticking to convictions and opinions)
Order and detail -(great list makers)
Prudence - (Thrifty, careful and cautious...)
Ac***ulation - ( pack rat!!
* the 'extreme' conscientious style could be one with OCD, according to how the
book lays things out and explains

In contrast, my second highest score showed me as Adventurous.
"Throw caution to the winds"...
The characteristics are:
Challenge - (to live is to dare)
Mutual independence - (each individual is responsible for themself)
Persuasiveness - (silver tongued)
Wadnerlust (live well by their talents, skills, ingenuity and wits)
Wild Oats - (childhood high-spirited hell-raisers and mischief makers)
True Grit - (courageous, physically bold, and tough)
No Regrets - ( live in the present)
* the 'extreme' adventurous style could be one with 'antisocial personality
disorder', according to how the book lays things out and explains.

Those two personality traits ARE me as described, for the most part (which is an
interesting combination). I was amazed at how accurate the test charted me out,
and how much I was able to learn about how I react with others, or they with me
because of my style(s).

By reading this book, you can see more about these, and the 14 styles they
describe, how they react with each other, how each expects things to be, and how
the 'combination' of styles is a mold of who we are. The book also tells other
people and how their traits react and respond to the other(s).

No, LM, I've never been a shy person (in the same post where I was a
perfectionist). I'm very outgoing in RL and have no fear of saying "hi" to
someone I run into, even if I just destroyed their car

I enjoy the short version from this site, but to really dig into some very very
insightful information, I suggest this book.


E.l l i o t t

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