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1 1st August 14:22
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Default 437737...Why those numbers? (down herpes warts)

Hello everyone,

I am finally starting to be able to accept my condition and be able to go on
with minimal problems. Things have really calmed down alot and I feel almost
"normal". I was doing some research and heard that there is a code for
herpes called 437737, and at first I saw this a couple of weeks ago in
reference to finding people on dating sites, but I think it seems that it is
a code in general. Does anyone have knowledge as to why these numbers are
used to secretly identify people with herpes? My other question is that if
this is a code for genital warts (hpv) also or just genital herpes? I guess
this is a good way to let others know you have it without coming right out
and saying it.

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2 1st August 14:22
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Default 437737...Why those numbers? (herpes warts)

Tom writes:

It's a secret ;-)
...... or at least it used to be, so I'm not letting the cat out of the
bag here. Like most secret codes, it's becoming more and more common
It started on AOL years ago as a way for people with Herpes to
indicate their status in personal ads without outing themselves to the
non-herpes world. Look at the dial pad on your telephone. The numbers
437737 spell out Herpes on the dial pad.

No, the code for Genital Warts would be 4364825 92787 ;-)
...... kidding.... I haven't seen a code for Genital warts.

Yep. If you have a profile on Yahoo or AOL or anyplace else, just plug
it in there somewhere. If anyone does a profile search on that
keyword, they'll find you.

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3 1st August 14:22
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Default 437737...Why those numbers? (herpes)

Okay, and do you think it would be risky to get a license plate holder that
has 437737 on the back of it? I mean I don't want people to start attacking
me or anything because they have some hate against people with herpes. I
have seen people that have rainbow pyramids and other rainbow decals on cars
for the code for ***/*******s, so I guess this is no different. I am sure
most people don't even know what 437737 means anyway. You could just tell
them its your lucky numbers or something like that if you want to keep it a
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4 1st August 14:23
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Default 437737...Why those numbers?

Why would you need to do that???

There are plenty of people who have outed the numbers online. So, if you think
it is a secret, it isn't.


In article <mdc9e.8736$ net>, Tom says...
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5 1st August 14:23
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Default 437737...Why those numbers?

Tom writes:

I know a pretty young lady in Detroit that drives around with rather
obvious magnetic door signs on her car to advertise the name and
telephone number of a local Herpes Help group. She sometimes takes
the signs off when she's carrying passengers but other than that,
they're on there 24/7.
I think you'll be safe with the license tag thingy ;-)

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6 1st August 14:23
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Default 437737...Why those numbers?

I don't know, just trying to come to terms with it I guess. I feel like I am
coming out of the closet, kind of the same way that a person who is ***
comes out of the closet with that lifestyle. I just don't want the world to
know, but want to feel like its not a horrible, shameful thing to have. The
emotional trauma was almost as bad as the physical things I had.
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7 1st August 14:23
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Default 437737...Why those numbers?

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 01:24:26 GMT, "Tom" <> posted:

Have you checked out "Infectious Awareables"?

Here's their HSV aware catalogue:

Their home page:

I'm not affiliated, either!

Take care,

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8 1st August 14:24
External User
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Default 437737...Why those numbers?

Okay, thanks, I'll look at that.
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9 1st August 14:24
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Default 437737...Why those numbers?

M.L.S. writes:

For some reason, not sure why, I feel the need to voice an opinion.
Not sure why, not expecting to change anybody's mind, but I have a
minute and need the typing practice so here's fair warning. Don't
bother reading further unless you're just bored.

Over the last few years, I've been seeing lots of people advocating
getting the truth out about Herpes and I think that's a worthy
objective. But some ideas of how to do it are more effective than
others and some, in my opinion, can do more harm than good. Maybe it's
just me, but a printed message that merely states "Stop the SPREAD!"
doesn't really educate the uneducated. In fact, it seems to be saying
"Run for your lives! There's a Herpster in our midst!!" You see what
I mean? Like yelling "Fire" in a crowded theatre when someone has only
rubbed some sticks together. And if not that, it seems to indicate, at
first glance, that Herpsters should at least be segregated into
colonies like Lepars used to be.

Granted, anyone with an open mind or a bit of prior HSV knowledge
won't take the message like that. But most non-H people have no clue
and I don't think getting their attention in this manner is effective
unless it is follwed up very quickly with some actual facts, which a
Tshirt (or tie) wearer will seldom have the opportunity to do.

On the other hand, something like the magnetic signs I mentioned
earlier, doesn't use the "scare/shock/jolt attention getting strategy"
and works better in my opinion. Says something simple like "Want to
separate common myth from the fact about Herpes? Call the Herpes Help
line at ***-***x" or words to that effect. First, it immediately
suggests that common herp knowledge may be untrue, and it also diddles
with the curiosity mechanism of a previously uninterested reader.
Hopefully diddles it enough to get them to check it out.

I dunno. I'm no marketing expert by any stretch. But that's my take on
it for what it's worth.

I know your not. And thanks for bringing it up. I've seen the site
referenced in other herp venues but just never felt the urge to voice
my opinion until now. Don't know what's come over me this morning ;-)

Seems I've run out of time though...
..... so much for my typing practice...

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10 1st August 14:24
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Default 437737...Why those numbers?

On Wed, 20 Apr 2005 11:10:48 -0500, M2slo2cht@nospam.invalid posted:

I'm neither bored nor bothered, and it looks like you're getting the
hang of that typing thang, so I'm just going to go ahead and read!

Well, maybe. I mean, I see your point, and no doubt "Stop the
SPREAD" is alarmist sounding and therefore may serve to reinforce
the stereotypes of fear and disease, but it could also be an ice
breaker, a conversation piece, or an awareness raiser. It could
make people think. Yeah, they'd have to think on their own, which
could be dangerous, but I think it's a danger we have to accept.

Some may recall that I ordered the HSV t-shirts from IA a few years
ago, but intrepid as I am, have yet to wear either one out where the
public had a chance to see 'em, except briefly by accident. I see
them more as novelties than anything else, but must confess I never
considered any aspect other than the "HSV" on them. Now I have
something else to be afraid of. ;-)

I do think that part of the message about HSV has to do with
stopping the spread, however. If fear gets people to find out a
little more about the disease, to get educated, to get the facts, to
protect themselves from something that they'd rather not have to
deal with, then that's good, too.

How about, "Don't be afraid of HSV. Call Mike at 555-***x"? Kinda
catchy, don't ya think?

My man's intuition tells me you're probably right, though I feel
that both t-shirts and magnetic signs are small potatoes in the
larger gnocchi of HSV awareness promotion, though I also tend to
think that any kind of exposure is good exposure. Some people will
use any message to reinforce their negative stereotypes, and others
will always take a more empathetic approach. The people in the
middle are up for grabs, and I think that between TV, the internet,
and the odd happenstance of t-shirt, ball cap, or mag sign, the
awareness level, and understanding of the disease, can only go up,
and that can only be good in the long run.

It's SPRING! When a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of Love,
and therefore STDs and marketing!

Pretty soon we'll be calling you M-not-2slo2cht.


ps. Any resemblance between one not and another is purely
coincidental. Yeesh.
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