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1 6th August 13:58
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Default A Tool For Early Breast Cancer Screening (mammography cancer tumor breast cancer)

Who isn't familiar with the expression, "early detection is the best
prevention?" We hear this term throughout the year and most everyone
is familiar with this "catch phrase" as it relates to breast cancer.
Obviously, a woman's chance for survival improves when a cancer is
found early. We hear that simple rhyming statement but are women
really offered early detection?

Our "gold standard" for breast cancer screening is mammography,
clinical breast exam and self-breast exam. Other techniques are used
but ALL current technologies examine structure; something is formed
and large enough to be seen or felt. However, it is well-do***ented
that a mass that is detected by mammography has been growing for 8-10
years before it was detected. Is this early detection?

There exists a technology that can detect an issue YEARS before a
tumor can be seen on X-ray or palpated during an exam and truly offers
early detection. This technology has been approved by the FDA as an
adjunctive screening tool since 1982 and offers NO RADIATION, NO
COMPRESSION AND NO PAIN. For women who are searching for early breast
cancer detection, digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) may be of

Historically, DITI fell out of favor shortly after its initial debut
in the early 80s. When DITI was first introduced, strict protocols and
trained technicians did not exist. Shortly after its initial
beginnings, DITI fell out of favor as a diagnostic tool in the medical

There are now very strict protocols both for testing and interpreting.
Perhaps due to these guidelines, thermography (as with all digital
technology) has exploded in its technique and capabilities. Thermal
cameras detect heat emitted from the body and display it as a picture
on a computer monitor. These images are unique to the person and
remain stable over time. It is because of these characteristics that
thermal imaging is a valuable and effective screening tool. Tumors or
other breast diseases measures warmer than surrounding tissue and can
thereby alert a physician to a problem before a tumor is actually

Medical doctors who interpret the breast scans are board certified
thermologists. Thermography is not limited by breast density and is
ideal for women who have had cosmetic or***es/20061002/47255.html
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