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1 11th September 19:59 (daniel
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Default Abnormal findings in CFS

I have attempted to compile a list of all the physical things that are
often abnormal in CFS. Here is the list. If you know of anything that
I should add or anything that I should remove, please let me know.

Ciguatera toxin (more than 96% usually with high levels, controls less
than 11%)
Patients are Th2 activated and Th1 suppressed
Low number of and/or poorly functioning Natural Killer (NK) cells
High levels of RNase L and low molecular weight RNase L
Low blood volume caused by
High blood pH which is caused by low cell pH
High helper/suppressor T-cell ratio
High Interleukin-2 levels
Cell debris in blood
Low percentage of B-cells in blood
Low levels of immunoglobulins in blood
Low or no immune function
About half of Dr. Cheney's patients have a coagulopathy.
Loss of growth hormone
Abnormal gene expression
52% of CFS patients are positive for mycoplasmal infections. Using
forensic polymerase chain reaction tests.
Chlamydia pneumoniae (overall 7.5% positive)
HHV-6, overall 30.5%
Protein carbonyl levels, a measure of protein oxidation, were found to
be significantly elevated (p < 0.0005) in the sera of chronic fatigue
syndrome (CFS) patients vs. controls.
High levels of citrate in the urine
Depletion of glutathione (and cysteine)
Postural tachycardia
Low cortisol and shrunken adrenal glands
High homocystine
Hydrogen gas in the breath produced by bacteria in the gut

Sometimes when I play with my cat I get him to go around in a circle really
fast until he gets so dizzy that he can't stand up anymore. Then I get him
to go around in the opposite direction. I call it winding the cat. I think
I wind him too much because the clock in his stomach runs fast.
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2 13th September 06:48 (cath
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Default Abnormal findings in CFS

Another one is decreased blood flow in the brain, especially in the left
side of the brain, as shown by doing a SPECT scan.

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3 13th September 06:49
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Default Abnormal findings in CFS

good list but can you tell us what that means in non-medical terms?


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