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1 4th July 16:53
50 mission cap
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Default Advice and Depression

Well, I have spent the last 3 days horribly depressed. I've met a great
woman and we have been getting to know each other platonically for the
last 7 months or so. Now, we've both professed that we have stronger
feeling and want to move forward with them. A few days ago, we we
driving around chatting and decided to "park" for awhile (silly high
school stuff). We did a little necking and groping and such but that
was about it. Now, in the last few days, she's been wanting to get even
closer and I've been holding her off because it'll mean having "the
talk". This will be the first time since I was diagnosed that I have to
deal with this and I'm afraid and depressed. Even if she is unfazed,
it's still very hard to do. And I can't even imagine how I'll feel if
she just says "kiss off, mister"

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2 4th July 16:53
angela s.
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Default Advice and Depression (virus herpes)

50 Mission Cap,

It's never an easy thing to do but at least you are going to tell her...
have you thought about the idea that she might already have herpes simplex
virus? It's probably a good idea to talk out the std issue with her. See if
reading our story will help you:

Hang in there... ok?


Shut Up and Post! STD Message Board:

Picking Up the Pieces:

Yoshi's Blog Spot:
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3 4th July 16:53
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Default Advice and Depression (herpes)

Hi 50,

Just focus on being honest and hopefully she'll appreciate you for it. I
haven't had anyone disappear on me yet....But it is always an option, I

Stay positive! And remember, the way you think about your herpes is the way
she will see it. So, if you present it as this horrible thing, then that's
what she'll think and she may just run screaming. However, if you present
it as this minor thing you have, then she'll get the message that it isn't
that big of a deal.

Please let us know what happens.

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4 4th July 16:53
pain devine
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Default Advice and Depression

If you're depressed already... see a shrink... then you can ask the shrink
how to tell her. The shrink will know exactly how to break bad news and make
it sound not so bad...
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