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1 15th May 05:47
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients? (prostate)

Dear Mates,
Are there any actual patients here who have seen Federico Guercini M.D.
in Rome? I have prostatitis, extensive calification of the prostate,
and a blockage of one ejaculatory duct caused by all the swelling,
which surgery has not fixed.
I really need some hope that my infection can be cured and that
something can cure the prostatitis and ejaculatory duct obstruction and
stop all the pain. You can email me or post here. Please no negative
posts or spam.
fair dinkum,
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2 15th May 12:31
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients? (malaise proctitis kidney neurontin itching)

Robert...I don't know where you live, and if you are looking to see Dr.
Guercini in Rome as a second opinion, or what. I live in Maryland, USA,
(and do not have the exact same condition you do), but I just wanted to let
you know you are not alone in your suffering, and I totally sympathize with
you, and my heart goes out to you. I too need some hope and it is hard for
me to go on - especially living by myself - I don't have any ones shoulder
to cry on - LOL. I have been suffering for months with prostatitis which
has been exacerbated and made much worse by the TURP I had five weeks ago,
and instead of getting better I get worse (i.e. it is not healing properly
or improving).

Have been back to uro who did TURP three times and he says wait. Went to
another city for second opinion and he says wait (didn't even examine me).
Been to my doctor (mostly for pain control discussion -I can't take opiates
or amitriptyline since they constipate me). He would not give me a blast
dose of prednisone (nasty anti-inflammatory drug which lowers your immune
system and has hordes of bad side effects) since it was not in his training
to prescribe it for prostate related problems, and said he doesn't do
prostates (isn't it wonderful). I have taken prednisone several times in my
life for sarcoidosis, and post operative inflammation stuff, and respiratory
related problems, and really shouldn't take it now since I have a serious T4
cell deficiency ( non- HIV, cause unknown). But I am desperate and it may
help the massive inflammation that I know exists in my prostate and
urethra/bladder and whole pelvic floor, including the rectum. I have been
on four different antis almost non stop for months (mostly on my own doing
as a prophylactic). I do not believe it is infectious since previous urine
samples and prostate secretions did not indicate so. But the son of a bitch
is eating me alive, and the TURP has ruined me. The pain and discomfort is
indescribable, 24 hours non-stop.

Have been to my general surgeon, who gave me a digital, but wouldn't agree
to an exam under anesthesia [i.e., the specula (shoehorn) exam - I can't
handle the prep for a colonoscopy right now - which my gastro wants to do].
I asked the surgeon how does he know I don't have proctitis or a massive
yeast infection and he said if I had proctitis I should be bleeding and he
has never seen yeast in the rectum (I have a lot of itching in the rectum
also). He suggested trying neurontin (an anti seizure GABA type drug that
is also used for various pain syndromes (but mainly shingles). I am giving
it a try but it could take a week or more to help (if it helps - which I
doubt it will). NSAIDS do not help and I can't take a lot of them because I
also have stomach problems and take PPI's. There is a drug called cytotec
to take with NSAIDS but I am taking enough pills already and do not want to
take it since the NSAIDS don't help anyway even at higher doses.

I have a lot of pain and burning from my urethra to my bladder and in my
prostate, and pain and pressure in my rectum, and it feels like I have pee
(real bad) all the time (even right after I go - what a horrible feeling),
non stop 24 hours a day (can't sleep or eat or function). If I wasn't
retired I would not be able to go to work. I retired early from the DOD
when president Clinton downsized the department of defense if you may
recall. Sorry I'm rattling on, just need to talk to someone.

This group used to be pretty good back in 1997 when there were several
doctors involved and a lot of suffering prostatitis persons just like you
and me. The participants seem to have dropped drastically (based on the
numbers and frequency of the posts), and we appear to have lost the doctors.
There is also the prostate.bph group which seems to have more participants.
IMO prostatitis and bph go hand in hand (but you can certainly have one
without the other). But when you have both, forget asking the uro which one
he thinks is causing the bigger problem.

I'm sorry I got so carried away telling you about my problems Robert (just
wanted to let you know you are not alone and maybe try to offer some moral
support). I will ask a couple questions about your condition now (please
write me back -and don't forget to tell me where you live). How did they
find out about the blockage of the one ejaculatory duct and what type of
surgery did they do to try to correct it. I was told mild calcification is
okay and normal as you get older, but you said you have extensive. How
would they correct that. I am told that there is not a urologist on the
planet that will remove a prostate unless it is cancerous, so I am curious
how they would correct extensive calcification. You also mention you have
an infection - how did they identify it and what kind of antis are you

I have been in severe pain three times in my life, which I consider
equivalent to child birth (which I can only assume) and kidney stones (which
I have witnessed). Anything much worse than that, I believe you would pass
out. There are all kinds of pain (e.g., sharp and dull back pain, tooth
ache, debilitating nausea, severe malaise, various cancer pain, etc.). But
I believe the non stop pain and discomfort I have right now and have had for
five weeks since my TURP, and the similar pain before the TURP, is enough to
make a grown man cry. I do not cry, but it is difficult to deal with day
after day, with basically no help from the medical world. I believe this is
just as bad or worse than having cancer, since cancer patients usually don't
suffer real bad till near the end (of course it depends on the type of
cancer you have - I am somewhat medically literate). But I think you get my
point. I would like to see one of my doctors deal with this, and see what
they would do (that is not to say I am wishing it on anyone).

Robert, if you were able to get through this long post, please write me back
(just take the "nospam." out of my address if you want to write me
directly). I will also send this directly to your e-mail address. I am 57
years old, have been married twice, and am a retired naval architect who
used to design ships for the navy, and I live by myself with my two cats. I
wish you the very best, and hang in there, just as I am trying to do.

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3 15th May 12:31
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients? (grieving cancer prostate)

Months? Been about 20 years here and I consider myself as new to it all. You
just get on with it. That's how you cope.

Oh and I had decided a long time ago never to have a prostate operation. I
am decidedly untrusting of surgeons. They seem to think the knife cures all.
So, no matter what, no cutting.

I take Saw Palmetto only.

Yep. Causes bone density loss.

A lot of us suffer the same. I cant always walk a straight line without
bowing to someone with the pain. It doesnt happen that way every day but
when it's on, it certainly is on. Doing a crap is a nightmare as a result.
Interestingly, strong coffee makes the crap much easier to do.

I feel you are concentrating on the problem too much. I take the view that
it's there and that there is nothing that can honestly be done to cure it so
I take Saw Palmetto and otherwise forget about it when I can. Sure I feel
overwhelmingly tired all the time and sure the pain is bad at times but you
know, I know a lady who is dying of cancer and it is now in the bones. She
is rotting from the inside out. She chose never to have chemo to fight it
and wanted to die with as much dignity as she could. So when the pain got
too bad and they put her in hospital and on morpheine (where her neck was
ruled broken because it, too, is rotting due to cancer) and the poor thing
was not really all that aware of her surroundings, her grieving family
forced chemo on her. She, now, will die in about 3 months with no dignity as
opposed to days from now with a lot more dignity.

I relate all that to prove there are worse ways to die. If you have no-one
to think of in order to leave money to and so on, you can basically do what
you want but if you have someone who needs the money after you are gone, you
just have to grin and curse.

So imagine me - I have to work and have all that, too. Stop worrying so much
about it!
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4 15th May 12:31
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients? (prostate)

pete, i am going to tell you a secret because i read your post and felt
sorry for you, take your ass to the nearest drug store and get you some
maalox plus.
make sure it has at least 40 mg of simenthicone in it.take 2 table
spoons as soon as you get it. then take 1 table spoon when you finish
each meal.
i wil guarantee you will feel much better tomorrow.


would pass


etc.). But

had for

enough to


this is

usually don't


get my


me back

am 57


cats. I




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5 15th May 12:31
bo l.
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients?

I have not heard of any studies showing this. For serious discussions of
prostatitis, go to
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6 15th May 12:31
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients? are not a very sympathetic person and I don't think you know
what the hell you are talking about. I usually don't write like this, or
get involved with spam, but you ticked me off. I try to offer encouragement
to others in the group and not play mister tough guy. I participated a lot
in the group back in 1997, but the group has changed a lot, like I said.

of time writing my post to him. You come off with this crap that you have
had prostatitis pain for 20 years, and you bear with it, and go to work...da
da da da. Let me tell you if you had the non stop pain I am talking about
(not every now and then), you would not be going to work and would probably
be considering suicide. I too have had prostatitis on and off for some
years (as well as other serious pain syndromes), but not as bad as this one.
I told you this recent episode was exacerbated by the TURP (which I agreed
to because I was having trouble peeing).

And as far as your statement that you refuse to be cut by a surgeon, that is
totally ludicrous. If you stop peeing for whatever reason, you either have
surgery and/or a catheter to correct it or you will die from infection,when
it backs up into your kidneys. You shouldn't make statements that you don't
really mean. The caveman didn't have a surgeon to go to so he just died.
This is 2005. I have been to over seventy five doctors in my life and I do
not like them, and I agree surgery is a very risky thing with no guarantees,
so I know where you're coming from, but try to be a little more sympathetic,
and understand that sometimes you either have surgery or die, or suffer from
such unbelievable pain that you wish you were dead. And sometimes,
unfortunately, the surgery makes you worse.

Please don't write back again blasting me. I do not play the silly back and
forth notes that some people like to do in the group (unless they are
constructive in nature). I hope your prostatitis, or maybe bph, or maybe
both, never get bad enough so you stop urinating, because then you will need
surgery and/or a catheter. Good luck. Pete
"Coilman" <hahaha@no.way.fool> wrote in message news:4287c055$0$20484$
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7 15th May 12:31
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients?

Bol...I didn't mean it literally (i.e., that there was a definite connection
or that one leads to the other). Sorry for the misnomer. I just meant that
if you have both (which many people do), it is difficult for a uro to say
which one is more likely to be causing blockage and pain (for instance).
Prostatitis is the big pain guy as far as I am concerned, whereas bph causes
poor flow and retention (but so can prostatitis). One of the many kinds of
pain I get with prostatitis is unbearable and hard to describe. It is kind
of like peeing or ejaculating and then stopping all of a sudden midway.
That is not it exactly it, but imagine how horrible that would feel. It is
a very gnawing, eating, kind of burning pain (but not true burning like
peeing razor blades of just real bad burning when you pee). It is hard to
describe but it will eat you alive and it is non stop. Do you have a feel
for what I am describing. What's with this guy named mo and the antacid
crap. I will check out your site. I have been there before. Write back if
you can...Pete
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8 15th May 12:32
bo l.
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients? (rectum)

Thanks for the clarification. I've never had symptoms like this. Keep in
mind that the symptoms can very widely from person to person. My sympyoms
have been limited to pain at the penis tip, in the rectum if I sit for long
periods of time, and sometimes ED. My symptoms also wax an wane. Spicey
foods and alcohol tend to cause flair ups.

I suspect "mo" is the latest screen name for a guy formerly known as "Fatty
Mawson", a troll who has posted his antacid remedies here for years.

It's the most active forum that I've found on the internet for discussing this problem.
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9 15th May 12:32
bo l.
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients? (prostate tetracycline)

I've never seen him, but check out this page for Info

Also, If you have calcification of the prostate, Dr Shoskes in the U.S. is
looking into the effects of tetracycline and a suppliment on patients with
that characteristic.
However, I don't believe he will be back in practive until this summer.
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10 15th May 12:32
External User
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Default Any Dr. Federico Guercini patients?

Thanks bol...what's with the "macromedia flash player 7" activeX control
that keeps popping up in the site you recommended. Is it safe to install
and what is its purpose other than to just flash up adverti*****ts if you
install it. I don't install stuff on my pc unless I am sure it is safe and
it is needed. I notice the site works without it (I would just mute the
aggravating noise that comes with the pop up bar every time you click a new
item to read). Is it needed for certain things, or is it just adverti*****t
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