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1 30th April 09:32
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease? (diabetes asthma depression multiple sclerosis down)

Greetings everyone!

During the last several years I have had the opportunity to carefully
observe and study a number of diseases that occur in the United States
population, but less often or not at all in other countries. After
much persistence, I finally "stumbled" onto a significant discovery
concerning our habitual use of footwear since birth, a seemingly
irrelevant topic because almost everyone in the United States
considers shoes to be harmless. Nonetheless, please keep an open mind
to the possibility that scientists and doctors (even the smartest
Nobel Prize winners) have all overlooked something common as the cause
of widespread disease during the last two hundred years.

Chiropodist Dr. Simon J. Wikler first proposed in the early 1950's
that shoes are a cause of degenerative disease in humans because of
the inherent changes to our posture and gait. I believe that his
novel idea was the tip of a gigantic iceberg, and I have expanded his
discoveries to include many diseases with "no known cause", including
seemingly-unrelated conditions such as heart disease, cancer,
depression, obesity, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, asthma,
osteoporosis and even Alzheimer's disease to name but a few. You may
find the complete text and pictures of my explanation, including my
thoughts on a possible "cure" and prevention for these conditions, at
my aptly-named website:

As you all know, the cause of Alzheimer's disease remains completely
unknown, despite the best scientific efforts of the last 100 years to
understand the condition. Scientists can see it happening under a
microscope or in other fancy gadgets, but they are clueless to why it
arises in the first place. The first Alzheimer's disease patient,
"Auguste D." was born in 1850, during the last year that shoes were
made completely by hand. Beginning in the early 1850's, shoes were
made on a sewing machine to standard sizes, and fashionable footwear
was distributed widely throughout Europe and America for the first
time in history. The landmark case of "Auguste D." occurred in 1901,
about half a century after fashionable footwear started becoming
widely available.

I believe that the foot is what makes us uniquely human, and
constantly covering it with a shoe from birth dramatically alters the
natural foot, inducing great distress to the body and circulatory
disturbances to the brain, a vital organ that requires a tremendous
amount of blood and oxygen flow for its proper functioning. Try an
experiment on your own body by walking around for a month in a shoe
size that is too small, and see if you have problems handling everyday
tasks. It seems to me that the brain shuts down non-essential areas
when the blood flow is reduced, leading to the memory problems that
are quite common in the elderly and others who have endured much
stress in fancy footwear.

I am extremely interested in all discussion concerning these ideas,
and welcome any opinions, skepticism, comments, feedback or any
questions, here in the newsgroups or directly to me. Thank you very
much. :-)
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2 3rd May 06:29
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease?

This isn't news to doctors - it's obviously the reason that
hospitals make sick people wear loose slippers.

Actually, this misses the foot cause of ALL our physical and
mental problems; it's not from wearing shoes - it's from
walking around upright instead of going sensibly on all fours.
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3 3rd May 06:29
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease?

On 9 Dec 2003 20:09:26 -0800 in,

quack, quack, quack!

jeez, first it's iron, then it's viruses (cured by antibiotics!),
now it's shoes? what next, underwear?
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4 3rd May 06:29
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Default 2 really good reasons to wear shoes (itching hookworm)

there's obviously about a million reasons to wear shoes and the following is
2 rather surprising ones the last part of the last one is the real kicker .
.. . heh . . . maybe going barefoot causes alzheimers

The caduceus (medical symbol) is not a staff with snakes, but rather guinea
worms (Dracunculus medinensis) wrapped on a removal device. The reason
these little critters were adopted by the medical profession as their symbol
is because Dracunculiasis represents one of the first "treatable" parasitic

afflictions of man. It was one of the first endosomatic parasites that

was removable by primitive means, i.e. non-surgical. We now know a

whole lot more about these worms than we did 100 years ago.

Pathology is caused by the female worm, which bores through the skin of

its human host (usually in the extremities such as the bare feet and legs)
where her uterus will rupture, spewing forth thousands of eggs. When these
eggs contact a water source, such as a well, they will hatch releasing a
tiny larva that must be eaten by the intermediate host in the life cycle,
the cyclopid freshwater copepod, Cyclops sp. After being swallowed by the

copepod, the worm will bore through the gut lining and will enter the

body cavity where it will mature and will simply wait. The life cycle

is completed when a human drinks unfiltered water and swallows the

copepod, thus releasing the worm into the gut. The worm will bore

through the gut lining and enter the subcutaneous tissue where it will

further mature. Males are small (3mm) while females can reach a meter

in length. After mating, the male dies and the female migrates to the

extremities to release her eggs.

Although still common in some parts of Appalachia (and the southern US),
hookworm is uncommon in the US. However, it is a problem in approximately 2
billion people in many parts of the world, particularly in India. A related
nematode is the dog hookworm, Ancyclostoma caninum. This is present world
wide and in Santa Barbara. It is easy for your dog to get because all dogs
walk around barefoot and don't use toilets. If a larval dog hookworm
encounters a bare human foot, the larvae penetrate but don't successfully
get into the circulatory system. Instead, they wander around in the skin for
weeks or months, leaving a track of inflamed, itching skin. This symptom is
called coetaneous larval migrans. Toxocara canis is not a hookworm but it is
a parasite of dogs and cats that causes a related pathology. In this case,
larval worms are able to get past the skin and wander around in the human's
tissues causing substantial pathology. This is known as Visceral larval
migrans. It is highly prevalent in children but also in epileptics, the
mentally retarded and institutionalized, suggesting that the behavior of
these people contribute to their risk of infection but also suggesting the
possibility that Toxocara can lead to these types of serious mental
conditions. If you own a dog, it is irresponsible to let it defecate in
areas where people like to go barefoot such as in parks or at the beach.


if u really want to email me, click on the address below
take a P before you click send
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5 3rd May 06:29
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease? (cancer tongue)

At the lab I work in, we have an article from way back that,
tongue-in-cheek, suggests that shoes cause cancer. I didn't read this
post in its entirety, but it falls along the chiropractic subluxation
theory of disease. The site seems to have ignored chinese foot
binding practices which one might consider an extreme form of footware
worth investigating.

The site, IMO, is good for a laugh.
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6 3rd May 06:29
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease? (stress)

My husband gives me a hard time because I go barefoot in the house
year-round and as often as I can outdoors. I have had lots of foot problems
(stress fractures, neuromas, fascitis, etc.), and I often find shoes
uncomfortable as a result.

Now I'll just tell him to shut up, I'm warding off AD.


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7 3rd May 06:30
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease? (cancer)

To my knowledge, Dr. Simon Wikler was the first to publish the idea
that shoes cause cancer, in the Journal of the National Association of
Chiropodists, volume 40, number 8, August 1950 in a paper titled "Foot
Defects as Possible Etiological Factors in Cancer." Wonder why all
the surgeons skipped over those pages?

You bring up an interesting point about the Chinese foot binding, an
extremely popular practice that went on for about 1000 years, and
produced some feet as tiny as three inches. Our modern-day foot
deformation pales in comparison to their practice, and has only been
taking place for about 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution made
the shoe available to anyone who wanted it.

One major difference is that we try to do useful things on our tiny
feet for 12 hours a day, going to work, taking care of the kids (and
parents), grocery shopping, and as if that were not enough, we even
walk, jog and run in tiny feet in the name of some undefined quality
called "physical fitness."

Nobody has commented yet on the world's first Alzheimer's disease
patient, born during the last year that shoes were made custom-fit to
each person's foot. Coincidence?
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8 3rd May 06:30
suzanne gall
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease?

Hee hee - what fun!

I honestly did think of posting last weekend - "Take a walk in your
mother's slippers"

Mom was at Dad's, my feet were cold and I put on her slippers. ( I had
tested them before they were purchased & did walk around in the house with
them - they were OK, not something I'd wear, but she really liked them -easy
to put on etc.) I wore them for about a minute - too cushy and I walked
like a duck - that explained a few things. Needless to say I immediately
bought a different kind of slippers with more tread & more stability. And
yes now I have to help her get them on, oh well. She does miss her other
new slippers - so I still give her the opportunity to wear them once in
awhile as she gets used to her new new ones.

My mom would run barefoot in the winter until she was 50+. Now she won't go
with out socks and shoes/slippers.

Quack Quack Quack ... I felt in her slippers. A cause of AD HEE HEE HEE...
Thanks for the laugh.

& thanks for bringing up an important subject that is often forgotten.
Don't forget the feet - toe nails, general foot comfort, stability etc. etc.

news:<>. ..
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9 3rd May 06:30
External User
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease? (dementia)

Yes, coincidence. The first diagnosis of a disease is often not its
first occurrence. How many cases of dementia (not limited to AD) were
diagnosed as possessions or insanity?

By the sounds of it, you'd better loosen your laces.

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10 3rd May 06:30
External User
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Default Are shoes the cause of Alzheimer's disease? (cancer)

On 10 Dec 2003 16:46:24 -0800 in,

1) most MDs consider chirpodists to be quacks, or no more than
toenail trimmers
2) maybe the "journal" is not peer reviewed, or its standard of
proof for scientific papers is too low
3) maybe they read it and realized that it didn't offer any
verifiable proof that foot defects cause cancer.

chirpodists? how about real doctors?
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