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1 29th August 02:34
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Default Aricept in the morning or at night?

Recently I asked my father's doctor if we could move his Aricept 10mg to
night instead of in the morning. It was causing stomach discomfort.

The doctor said that was fine. The Medco web site that I get my father's
drugs from suggested giving the Aricept at night just before bed time.

We changed it about two weeks ago. Since then he has seemed more confused.
Has anyone seen a difference in the effectiveness of Aricept based on the
time it is taken?

His increased confusion may just be the disease taking another step. As an
aside, his neurologist has suggested that eventually we discontinue the
Aricept completely. I think this will end up being a judegment call by my
family. Once he has slid so far down the slope of functioning, what use
would the Aricept be anyway? Tough decisions.

Otherwise, Dad is doing fairly well. He has been inthe assisted living for
six months now. He is getting more frail, but can still walk well and we
can still take him out to his beloved Denny's...

- Mike, Friendswood, Texas
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2 29th August 02:35 (the cranky
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Default Aricept in the morning or at night?

How about half the aricept in the morning and half at night.

The Cranky Genee
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3 29th August 02:35
evelyn ruut
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Default Aricept in the morning or at night?

Dear Mike,

When Ida was first prescribed Aricept she had a lot of stomach upsets from
it, because she wasn't eating well,(if at all) and who knows when she took
it? It could have been anytime or not at all or even double what she was
supposed to take.

Since she has been with us she takes her medication at dinner right after
she finishes eating. We haven't noticed any problems with it since then.
As for the confusion being worse, I do notice that when Ida awakens in the
morning she is less confused, less delusional and more in control, which I
attributed to her having the Aricept in her system overnight, but it could
be just the way it is....

Not really a definitive answer to your question, but just sharing our


"Since everything is but an apparition, perfect in being what it is, having
nothing to do with good or bad, acceptance or rejection, one may well burst into laughter." -Longchenpa
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4 29th August 02:35
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Default Aricept in the morning or at night?

My Dad has always been a morning person. I would rather have the max effect
of the drug when he is at his best. I think we will stick with the night

Thanks for the feedback.

- Mike


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