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1 9th May 21:18
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Default Army Mom Rescues Her Kids, Not Caught Yet

Destroycps!!!!!!!!!! Destroycps!!!!!!!!!! Destroycps!!!!!!!!!!

A couple of pics:

[My comments are in brackets.]

Mom Sought in Two Children's Abduction
Toddlers in Extreme Danger With Their Bipolar Mother, Police Say
The Associated Press

[Essentially, the article, which parrots the authorities, turns the
facts around 180 degrees. The article portrays the mother who is
rescuing her kids from abductors as the abductor.]

M I R A M A R, Fla., June 30- Authorities issued a statewide Amber Alert
this morning

[As I remember the guidelines for Amber Alert, they specifically
excluded a non-custodial parental "abduction". I suppose,
"non-custodial" doesn't refer to parents who have lost custody to CPS.]

after a woman drove her car through a sliding glass door at her mother's
house and took her two young children, who were in her mother's care.

["in her mother's care"? The article assumes the reader can figure out
what this means. It appears to mean the state took the kids from their
mother and paid some other family member, the grandmother, to hold them
for the state. The article doesn't mention CPS, nor does it state why
CPS took the kids, except to say that the mother is bipolar.]

Authorities were looking for Lorena Montano, 3, and Moises Montano, 2,
who were taken by their mother, 32-year-old Nora Montano. She has been
diagnosed with bipolar disorder, police said, and the children were
believed to be in extreme danger.

["Extreme danger", according to CPS, this what kids are in when they are
with their parents.]

Police said Montano drove her dark blue 1993 Infiniti through the rear
sliding glass door of her mother's house early today.

[This was a miscalculation on the part of Nora. She should have waited
until at least one of the kidnappers was standing behind the glass.]

Montano and a man wearing camouflage and a ski mask rushed into the
home, knocked over one of the children's aunts, and took the children,
officer Bill Robertson said.

Police believe the man may be Montano's ex-husband, Jose Montano.

The children have been in the custody of Nora Montano's mother since
January. Police said Nora Montano is in the Army, stationed at Fort
Houston, Texas.

[The mother is in the Army. This is a bit unusual, but not unheard of.]

Police said the Infiniti they may be traveling in may have either Texas
or Florida tags.

[For anybody planning on doing something like this, you should note the
importance the police place on the description of the car. You have to
dump your registered car immediately to be successful.]

Lorena, 3, has dirty blond hair and brown eyes. Moises, 2, has blond
hair and hazel eyes.

Amber Alerts are named after Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old girl abducted
and later found murdered in Texas. They are bulletins, distributed
through radio and television broadcasts and electronic highway signs, on
kidnapped children and their abductors.

[The situation here is nothing at all like the original Amber case.
Amber Alerts are now nothing more than a hysteria tool of the state that
deceptively play on the emotions of the public.]

Destroycps!!!!!!!!!! Destroycps!!!!!!!!!! Destroy dfs!!!!!!!!!!
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2 11th May 19:45
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Default Army Mom Rescues Her Kids, Not Caught Yet (down)

Custody of the children was given to the grandmother by the court.
Seems momma had a little domestic dispute with her husband and stabbed
him with a knife.

The biological mother was no longer the custodial parent. That resided
permanently with her mother as per court order.

Proving of course that she was fully in control of her faculties and
not endangering her children in the least, having no doubt scouted the
house and knew exactly where the children where near where
she drove in.

No it doesn't. If you research this a bit further you'll find that the
court, as usual, in child welfare and family domestic issues made the
call. Not CPS.

You keep forgetting that CPS has about the same position relative to
child welfare that the cops do to crime. They are agents of
enforcement, not lawmakers, or judges.

Why not say,
"> Destroythelegislature!!!!!!!!!! Destroythejudges!!!!!!!!!! Destroy Destroythepublic!!!!!!!!!!" ?

Given the original reason for removal of the children seems like a
fair to middlin' call on the part of the court.

Only if their parents have demonstrated a tendency toward violent life
threatening behavior. Do you suppose driving one's car into someone
house might be excluded from that definition?

Glad the kids weren't bedded down in that room behind that particular
glass door. Never know where kids that young might be in the home.

Yes, that would ensure that she got her kids back for good.

Apparently granny and auntie put up something of a fight. Another
article said grandmother jumped on his back and took at forearm to the
face. Pity she wasn't armed.

Seems it's horrible when the authorities come for children that are in
danger, but perfectly all right if a stranger in a ninja getup
instigates a battle with the householders and removes two children in
the legal custody of said householder. Me, I'd kill him. And if it
turned out to be the "daddy", "opps, sorry. Should have identified yourself."

Yeah, that'll work. The Christines are testimony to the success of the
all out criminal attack others as a brilliant way to obtain legal
custody of one's children.

Yeah, I suppose you are right. Anyone driving their car into a house
with their children in that house and beating up the occupants just
has to be the normal, non-hysterical ones.

More great advice. It all worked so well for the Christines, surely it
should have worked for this "family"

Disclaimer: Sadly, while most folks with chronic mental illnesses
maintain well, and are never a danger to themselves or others, some
fall in the dangerous category. Rather a lot of mothers and fathers
who kill their turn out to have been at the time and or are mentally

I suppose mentally ill folks have as much right to injure and or kill
their children as the next parent though.

Get your meds checked, Destroy.

But I do thank you for making this the mindless irresponsible rant it
was. I'm reasonably sure that anyone coming here that is having a
problem with CPS and trying to get their child(ren) back or CPS off
their neck will immediately get it that your advice is, well, a little
bit over the top, shall we say?

Hopefully they'll look for help that has a proven track record. It's

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3 11th May 19:49
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Default Army Mom Rescues Her Kids, Not Caught Yet

Destroycps!!!!!!!!!! Destroycps!!!!!!!!!! Destroycps!!!!!!!!!!



It was a court in Ge****a, and as usual, no details (except some the
state wants to release) of the proceedings are available to the public
or the media.


In typical newspaper story (and you could have linked to the one about
stabbing you are referring to. I didn't see it yet), I'd be inclined to
accept a reported stabbing as fact and then simply read on. But in local
DFS case here that I'm very well acquainted with, DFS made the exact
same accusation. A doctor's examination shortly after the supposed
incident discovered no wounds, and the parents say no stabbing took
place. Nonetheless, the item is unretracted and in the caseworker's
report, and the report is later quoted by other reports. A casual reader
(someone who can't take the time to read 3K pages) may actually think
there's some validity to the story.

Basically, anything CPS says is probably false. I'm beginning to wonder
if this knife-wielding-wife story is now becoming part of the standard
CPS arsenal.







There's a judge nearing the end of his rotation on the family court
bench in Kansas City, Missouri, W. Stephen Nixon. From time to time I
ask lawyers what's been happening in his courtroom. As far as I know,
since Nixon has taken this position, no DFS-taken kid has ever gone home
via his courtroom. Is this judge part of DFS? Technically, no. Is he
part of the corrupt CPS system? Of course.

There's no reason to define CPS as narrowly as you do. Foster
contractors delineate CPS as you do. Somehow, they believe they are
separate from CPS. But they aren't; they're part.


They weren't violent enough to my liking.




The parents already had lost the kids from a legal-custody point of
view. The state was never going to give them back. What incentive does
the state have to do that?


At least we agree that kidnappers deserve to be killed. As a practical
matter, I don't think killing kidnappers is the most effective method
for deterrence. Giving them a lifetime serious injury, like blinding or
cutting off a limb or two, would have more impact.


You oppose what the Christines did because you are pro-CPS and
anti-parent. Your opposition is not based on the inadequacies of their
methods. They made a mistake in trusting someone to keep quiet. Brian
made a mistake in disobeying traffic laws. And the family also should
have left the country immediately. They probably didn't have enough

Destroycps!!!!!!!!!! Destroycps!!!!!!!!!! Destroy dfs!!!!!!!!!!
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