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1 8th May 01:18
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Default BBT drop after ovulation ? (ovulation down)

I have been charting my BBT on and off for a couple of months now. My
cycles go from 30 days to 45 days, mostly around 35 days. My
pre-ovulation temperature is around 97.5-97.6 and then it goes up to
98+ and stays there for 12-13 days and then I get my period. This
cycle, we started trying to conceive, and something weird happened. My
temp went down to 97.4 on day 19 and day 20 and then went up to 98.1
on day 21 and day 22. I thought I ovulated. But then it went back to
97.6 and has been so for the last 6 days. I am confused. What do you
think this means? I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.
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2 8th May 01:18
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Default BBT drop after ovulation ? (ovulation down pregnancy)

Sometimes you just get a wonky cycle, mine are usually tied to an illness or
time change, etc. Obvious things I'd check are the battery in the
thermometer, make sure you are consistent about time of day you wake up and
temp, and temperature in the bedroom. I live in New England and we've
started to get cold at night, so my waking temp is lower than it was in the
summer. Still follows the same pattern though. I think you are right about
ovulating on the day 21, and the other temps are just an aberration. If
your temp had gone UP even higher, it could indicate pregnancy, but I think
that's unlikely with temps going down. I'll also give you the standard
advice to read "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Wechsler in case
you haven't already.
You can also try OPKs to keep closer track of your cycle, but they aren't
always so helpful (I keep forgetting to limit fluids the same way each day
and take the test at the same time).
Good luck,
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3 8th May 01:18
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Default BBT drop after ovulation ? (ovulation)

Thanks Amy. I bought new thermometers yesterday, a basal thermometer
and a new digital thermometer, and they both consistently read around
0.5 degrees more than the old one. So there must be something wrong
with my old thermometer. I'll keep using both till the end of this
cycle and then throw the old one away. BTW, I am reading the book you
suggested, it is really a very helpful book.
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