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1 9th August 05:04
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Default blue balls? (vasectomy)

Will having a vasectomy mean I get them more easily because the
testicals "cant empty"?
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2 9th August 05:04
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Default blue balls? (vasectomy sperm vesicles prostate)

First they're black and blue, not blue. But that's from the surgery
itself! And it goes away after a few days.

As for classic "blue balls," some doctors (and all women who've heard
our pathetic whining too often) deny it exists. We know better, of
course! But as I understand it, it is caused not by ac***ulation of
sperm, but the discomfort generated during extensive arousal by
vasocongestion (that is, blood engorged tissues). Personally, I think
the sensation of blueballs might also come from congestion in the
prostate and seminal vesicles, which fill up with juices during the
excitement phase. These juices comprise 95% of what you shoot when you
***, and they are free to fly even after vasectomy. We all know how to
produce that effect, even when alone. So there is no greater chance of
blueballs after vasectomy than before it.

As for what happens to sperm after vasectomy, it is reabsorbed by the
body. This is what happens to most sperm we make even before vasectomy.
At the website, there is a detailed description of the process--an
expansion of aborbing surface areas in the epidydimi; and, when that is
not enough, deployment of "macrophages" to breakdown the sperm. In
some cases, small leaks develop in the vasectomy seals, producing
granuloma, which are generally painless lumps that disappear over time.
(The presence of granuloma, by the way, are associated with low
incidence of scrotal discomfort after vasectomy.)

Some men will experience a sense of congestion--even tenderness--in the
epidydimi for awhile after vasectomy while the body adjusts. I got
some of this for about a year after my vasectomy, usually the day after
unusually good ***. But it was not a big deal and never stopped me
doing what I wanted. You can guess what that was.

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