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1 25th March 18:31
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Default Bowel issues after Colonoscopy (stomach headache colonoscopy constipation diarrhea)


I am a 28 year old male. During a routine physical about 8 months ago,
my doctor thought I had blood in my stool. Erroring on the side of
caution, he recommended that I get a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy came
out fine and the doctor who performed it said that he didn't see any
polyps or anything unusual.

However, ever since the colonoscopy, I have had quite a few issues
related to my bowel movements. Almost daily, I am extremely
constipated and often have to massage my stomach or my intestinal area
to allow the bowel to pass through my body (almost feels as though it
is obstructed). When the stool finally does pass, it is not hard nor
does it come out in pellets, as I used to experience when constipated.
Instead, it is rather loose and sometimes very narrow. Othertimes, it
could be diarrhea - even with the sense of constipation preceeding the
movement. Additionally, after almost all bowel movements, I still feel
as though I still need to go, but can no longer go.

Lately, my stool appears to have developed into a chalky black
substance, which I know could indicate intestinal bleeding. I do not
experience any pain or discomfort, aside from the constant feeling like
I need to have a bowel movement. I leary to get another colonoscopy,
since I feel that all of these issues have been brought on from the
first one - as I never experienced anything like this before.

I feel like I am in perfect health; however, I have felt a bit
lathargic lately (which could be due to a demanding work schedule).
I've also been experiencing a tension headache that doesn't seem to go
away (again, possibly due to work). Aside from that, I'm looking for
any thoughts or insight.

I've made an appointment with the doctor, which is several weeks away.
I'm just looking to see if anyone knows of any side-affects from
colonoscopies, or can think of something that may have gone wrong on
the colonoscopy?

Please let me know. Thanks!
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2 25th March 18:31
External User
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Default Bowel issues after Colonoscopy (crosspost) (aspirin anemic naproxen colon colonoscopy)

Your "doctor thought he saw blood"? - a sample is supposed to be sent to a
lab. Was labwork not done?
Bleeding and puncture of the colon are possible complications of
however, if labwork wasn't done, there's no way to know now if bleeding
started before or after the colonoscopy.

Other causes of strange coloured bowel movements are:
Blood thinners or NSAIDS (e.g., ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin)
Black licorice, lead, Pepto-Bismol, or blueberries?
Consuming black licorice, lead, iron pills, bismuth medicines like
Pepto-Bismol, or blueberries can also cause black stools. Beets and
tomatoes can sometimes make stools appear reddish..

Stool culture, blood count. would confirm if you're getting anemic and if
there's blood in your stool.
If so:

There's two ways to look at this:
Go through a lot more upper GI tests: barium swallow, possiby EGD, possibly
small bowel follow through


Post your situation to where there's doctors and see what they
think should happen next.
If you've been punctured, I don't know what the solution is.
So I'll crosspost now. Watch for this thread on either newsgroup. And
answer the questions from the experts on either newsgroup (ignore the
loonie replies)
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3 25th March 18:31
howard mccollister
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Default Bowel issues after Colonoscopy (crosspost) (colon eye colonoscopy enema)

A perforation of the colon during colonoscopy could possibly be a smoldering
event that leads to longer term symptoms such as the OP describes, and in
this case it's probably worth investigating further. My approach at this
point would be a barium enema with an eye toward looking for stricture or
spasm that might suggest an extrinsic process such as abscess from a
confined perforation.

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4 25th March 18:31
External User
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Default Bowel issues after Colonoscopy (crosspost)

Complete and utter nonsense, I'm afraid.
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5 25th March 18:31
peter moran
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Default Bowel issues after Colonoscopy (colonoscopy)

After eight months it will have nothing to do with the colonoscopy, I would
think. Cancer is also not on my list.

Some of the symptoms suggest the possibility of a common type of rectal
dysfunctional problem. Do you have to go to the toilet very frequently and
strain a lot when there?

Peter Moran
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6 25th March 18:31
External User
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Default Bowel issues after Colonoscopy (diet stomach colonoscopy)

There are days when I have frequent bowel movements (sometimes 5 or 6
in a given day). Other times, I may go 2 or 3 days between bowel
movements. Either way, I constantly have the sensation that I need to
go, even after I've already gone (and even during the 2 or 3 days
between movements). I almost always have to strain during the bowel
movement; however, pressing in on my stomach/intestinal area or
massaging the area will often help reduce the amount of strain and will
help get things going.

I know for certain that I've never experienced these issues since the
colonoscopy, which is the only reason I'm looking at that. However,
I'm receptive to the fact that another issue may have developed, merely
in coincidence with the colonoscopy. If there were some type of rectal
dysfunctional problem, what type of treatments could I anticipate?

As for the chalky black stool; that issue appears to come and go. I am
aware that certain foods/medicines can cause this to occur; however,
I'm very aware of my diet and know that it doesn't change much on a day
to day basis.

I look forward to your replies. Thanks!
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7 25th March 18:31
peter moran
External User
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Default Bowel issues after Colonoscopy (stress down rectum irritable bowel constipation)

Understand I cannot diagnose over the Internet, but if there is no blood and
pus suggesting a inflammatory condition of the rectum it is possible you
have a quite common self-perpetuating condtion where the more stress you put
on your rectum through frequent visits to the toilet the worse symptoms get.
Portion of the rectal mucosa can become swollen, giving that feeling that
you want to "go" all the time and when you do go there is always a sensation
that there is something left that you cannot get out. In severe cases it
can progress to bleeding and ulceration.

The only reason I intrude is that while waiting to see your doctor you could
try ignoring it, or lying down for a little while until the feeling passes,
instead of going to the toilet and straining fruitlessly every time you get
the urge to "go". The feeling may pass and by reducing the dtress on your
rectum symptoms may start to abate. The intemittent constipation and
diarrhoea suggests an irritable bowel syndrome which sometimes coexists
with the "mucosal prolapse syndrome" (AKA "descending perineum syndrome") I
am describing.

But you will need limited further assessment, at least a proctoscopy. I
found some patients get better quickly once they realise they are trying to
pass a bit of themselves with the constant straining. Peter Moran
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8 25th March 18:31
External User
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Default Bowel issues after Colonoscopy

Thank you very much for your suggestion, Peter! I will certainly try
these suggestions over the next couple of weeks, and this will also
give me something to ask my doctor about when I see him. I'll keep you
posted on the diagnosis that my doctor provides along with whether your
recommendations of minimizing the straing alleviate my issues.

Thanks again!

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