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1 19th April 18:08
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Default brain damage from psychopathic siblings. (psychiatric tourette psychotherapy psychology thyroid)

Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg, of Ann Arbor, Michigan posted the pathological
lies, veiled threats, false accusations or personal attacks on Linda Gore,
sane members of Linda's family, or Linda's usenet friends contained in the
post below.

Patricia Gore Gregg has repeatedly been informed for a decade that Linda
Gore wants nothing whatsoever to do with Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg.

Patricia Gore Gregg disregards Linda Gore's demand Patricia leave her the
hell alone, and Patricia trolls, stalks, harasses and defames Linda Gore
instead because of what an extraordinarily vile, sadistic, depraved,
vicious, malicious, narcissistic/psychopathic person Patricia Sharon Gore
Gregg is.

Linda Gore determined there exists no legitimate place for Patricia Gore
Gregg, her eldest sister, in Linda Gore's life because of the outrageous
abuse Patricia Gore Gregg has engaged in towards Linda Gore for 47 years,
solely owing to Patricia's narcissistic rage since Linda' birth because
Patricia was no longer the only child.

Linda Gore accepts the reality that Patricia Gore Gregg will never ever
cease desiring that Linda be retroactively aborted nor attempting to destroy
Linda so long as Linda breathes.

Linda Gore wised up to that reality and denied Patricia Gore Gregg a place
in Linda's life in the aftermath of an incident wherein Patricia Gore Gregg
severely traumatized Linda Gore's young son, a dozen years ago, when
Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's rage incited Patricia to abandon and strand
Linda Gore and her then 4 year old son, 2500 miles from Linda's home, with
only the shirt and pants they had on, while taking Linda Gore's purse,
wallet, ID, money, essential thyroid medication and even both Linda and
her 4 year old son shoes, etc, traumatizing Linda's young son. Patricia
Sharon Gore Gregg traumatized him a second time by her calling ahead to
SanDiego where her husband was a guest in Linda Gore's townhome, and
instructing her husband to lock linda Gore and her 4 year old son out of
their own home, and further instructing him to STEAL Linda Gore's auto,
a felony which Linda Gore deeply regrets not having prosecuted both Patricia
and James Gregg for ---so these awful people be locked up in PRISON where
they can't be making decent people physically ill.

Three years ago, many years after Linda Gore booted Patricia Gore Gregg
from linda's life, Patricia Gore's rage at being unable to locate Linda
Gore for so many years, grew to such proportions that Patricia went over
the edge, in the humble opinon of members of Patricia's FOO, as she was
allegeldy making threats to physically harm people, so members of Patricia
Sharon Gore Gregg's FOO proposed a psychiatric intervention for Patricia
Sharon Gore Gregg.

Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's mother was asked to write a history of Patricia
Sharon Gore Gregg's life to help Patricia Sharon
Gore Gregg's psychiatrist help Patricia.

By the time Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's Mother finished writing the story
of Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's life, she realized what Patricia had been
doing to her FOO was terrorizing it, and titled the work "Reign of Terror".

Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg got ahold of a copy of the do***ent, titled
REIGN OF TERROR, allegedly by stealing it, and reacted vindictively to her
terrorism of members of her FOO being do***ented by her mother initially by
harassing her mother about the do***ent in her Mother's social circles.

Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's mother responded to Patricia's attempt to
misuse the do***ent prepared confidentially for Patricia's pdoc, by
copyrighting it.

In the meantime, Patricia Gore Gregg located Linda Gore, discovering Linda
had been "hiding out" from the world--- on a usenet public support,
ASD-med discussing antidepressant meds Linda Gore took to augment her
thyroid medication.

Then later, on the Tourettes group owing to her son's TS, and then the
ADHD group owing to linda's growing suspicion linda had ADHD underlying her
thyroid disease.

Whereupon Patricia Gore Gregg commenced this usenet protracted trolling,
flaming, stalkiing, harassing and posting pathological lies to defame
Linda Gore.

Initially, Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg attempted to persuade Linda to
disregard her pdoc's opinion that Linda Gore is fine, and any psych
symptoms she has are secondary to her medical conditions or owing to living
such a ****y life being trolled by Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg for 47 years.

Failing to persuade Linda to ignore her own doctors, Patricia Sharon Gore
Gregg must have decided to troll, stalk, harass, and defame Linda Gore
and try to MAKE her ill by so doing!

Patricia began her trolling of Linda in earnest by posting posts providing
personally identifying info about Linda, her son, and other members of
Linda Gore's FOO to a delusional, deranged usenet poster whom had homicidal
ideations led to somebody posting posts soliciting Linda Gore's murder, in
the deranged man's unique writing style.

While Linda Gore had been around usenet long enough to know it was futile to
attempt to control what Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg posted, including
personal identifying info potentially endangering peoples lives, Linda
Gore's mother and younger brother, both residents of New Jersey were not
willing to ignore Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's posting posts providing a
potentionally dangerous man, also a resident of New Jersey, personally
identifying info about Linda, her son and the other NJ members of Linda's
FOO---and her mother and younger brother filed complaints regarding Patricia
Sharon Gore Gregg's posting such info with Patricia's ISP, Posting hosts,
Google, and authorities where appropriate, and got Patricias accounts
closed, posts removed etc.

In response to Linda's mother and younger brothers activities to stop
Patricia Gore Gregg net abuse, Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg posted Linda
Gore's mother and ex's telephone number on the manic ng, as well as,
posted posts containing false accusations Linda Gore was filing net abuse
complaints against Patricia Gore Gregg.

Linda Gore hadn't been being baited by Patricia's trolling, stalking,
harssment and defamation, until
Patricia Gore Gregg posted posts denying the reality Patricia's mother and
younger brother were the one's filing all the complaints against Patricia
and getting her accounts closed and posts removed for her reckless
endangerment of members of her FOO.

Patricia Gore Gregg's followed up posting those false accusations on Linda's
regular NG's with posts to SPP falsely accusing Linda Gore, the absent
member of the family for the psych intervention other family members had
sought for Patricia three years ago.

Those insane posters were followed up by Patricia posting insane posts on
the sci.psychology.psychotherapy newsgroup falsely accusing Linda Gore
of authoring or co-authoring the copyrighted work titled.."Reign of Terorr"

When Linda Gore posted a post informing the world the actual author of the
Reign of Terror had copyrighted her work, and the author was not Linda
Patricia Gore Gregg changed the pathological lies she was posting on SPP
about the "Reign of Terror", to lies where Patricia falsely asserted the
allegations the "Reign of Terror" contained about Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg
***ually molesting a sibling were Linda Gore's allegations.

Linda Gore did not author the "Reign of Terror".

Linda Gore made NO contribution whatsoever to the contents of the do***ent
titled "Reign of Terror".

Linda Gore was not aware that the do***ent "Reign of Terror" had been
written until Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg began harassing Linda Gore in
cyberspace about it's contents.

When Linda Gore decided there was no legitimate place in her life for
Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg, Linda Gore had informed relatives she desired
to be kept out of the loop with regards to any news of Patricia Sharon Gore
Gregg's acts of malice against members of her FOO.

The allegations contained in the "Reign of Terror" about Patricia Gore
Gregg's ***ual molestation of a sibling were made by Patricia Gregg's middle

No one knew a thing about Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's baby
raping/sodomizing of Linda Gore when LG was 3yo, or about Patricia Gore
Gregg's flying into a terrorfying rage during which she tried to **** LG
when LG was 11,
until Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg posted posts falsely accusing Linda Gore of
having been the one whose allegations of that nature were contained in the
do***ent "Reign of Terror."

Patricias posting of those incidents not only informed the entire world of
Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's depravity, for the first time, but distressed
Linda by reminding linda of events Linda had spent a lifetime seeking to

Most recently, Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's, a vile baby sodomizer/rapist,
a pathological liar, a thief, a home wrecker, a child abandoner, the 47
year long terrorizer of members of her FOO, the traumatizer of their
children, an elder abuser,
and a serial stalker IRL, has followed her years of terrorizing members of
her FOO by allegedly going to the social services department of one or
members she's been terrorizing, and reporting them for living in what
Patricia Gore Gregg's has "judged" to be depressed living conditions.

Patricia Gore Gregg posting pathological lies and false accusations and
threats and bait do sicken and depress Linda Gore.

Because Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg's posts are undeniable and irrefutable
evidence of what Linda Gore has always known; Patricia Sharon Gore Gregg is
most likely criminally insane, and Patricia Gore Gregg has most likely
always been criminally insane. X-Abuse-Trace: 446576696c734164766f63617465
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