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1 27th January 00:46
External User
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal depression)

Hi everyone . as in my last topic i have asked few questions ... now i
want to know something ... i have nasal polyps ( multiple polyps at
left side ) and signle polyp at right .... i can take breath freely
from my right nose . and also sometime i can breath from my left nose
freely . but some time with little snoaring voice .... so according to
it you can know whats condition of my polyps , told me polyps
can go into eyes or brain hense damaging brain or makes surgery very
much complecated ... . most of doctors i visitied is not even want to
try medicines .. they want me to go for surgery directly ...why docs
are acting so badly ... they just want surgery i dont know why ? even
if i can breath from my nose ..................

btw how much time i can wait for surgery .. i mean can waiting for 1
or two months can make conditions very much worse or making it
uncurable or very complicated diease i mean what can be rate of growth
in case of polyps ,.... btw my homeopathic doctor is asking me to wait
atleast 2 months before surgery because he is very much confident that
he will cure my polyps with his medicines ... so should i try
homeopathic medicines before actually going for surgery ... ?

however it made my condition very worse i am dying with depression .

what can be consecunses of leaving polyps untreated ( except mouse
breathing )?
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2 27th January 00:46
allen l.
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal)

In news:1115988824.963946.325500@z14g2000cwz.googlegr,
Ankur <> typed:

The Dr. that said:

" told me polyps can go into eyes or brain hense damaging brain
or makes surgery very much complecated..."

I would check his medical degree and credentials...sounds like he just needs
to make a payment on his BMW and your nose is his 'answer' to that

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3 27th January 00:46
External User
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal cancer)

You should see another doctor who doesn't use false information to scare you
into surgery. Find one at a university/teaching hospital who is up to date
on current treatments, which can include inhaled steroid sprays,
antibiotics, or a course systemic steroids. If, after trying these
medicines, you have not resolved the polyps, then you *may* be a candidate
for surgery. Even so, it should be confirmed by a second opinion from a
reputable doctor who isn't just trying to generate revenue.

I've never seen any evidence that homeopathic techniques have done any good
with anything, let alone sinus polyps. Try finding a doctor who will treat
you with proper medication.

Don't let them scare you, the polyps aren't going to kill you. Strictly
speaking, they aren't even growths (like cancer), so don't worry.
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4 27th January 00:47
External User
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal eye)

I can't say if he's rushing you or not but he speaks the truth.
It happened to me. I had to have bone grafts around my eye
socket because of polyps. The bone was also eroding in my
sphenoid which could have cause "serious cranial issues"
(as my ENT put it) if it would have perforated.
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5 27th January 00:47
External User
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal)

I had them about 8 years ago and mine were treated with Meds to shrink
them. She was just a regular MD.

They never grew back.

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6 27th January 00:47
External User
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal cough endoscopy)

Thanks for Co-operating and replying ..............
I need some more help from you peoples ...actually i have common cold
problem from my birth and i am 21 years old now ... till them my
parents just go to regular doctors when i get such problem like cough
ect when i eat medicines i do well .. but last month first time after
common cold and cough i have found something come out from my left part
of nose
( it was like ballon and i was able to touch it very well ). i just
directly gone to homeopathic doctor and he told me its polyp and can be
cured with medicines . but after reading from google i found surgery is
ultimate solution just to check i have consulted three Allopathic
doctors (Master of surgery) /// one just see it and told me 90% polyps
need surgery and just 10% work with medicines ... the other told me
that these are big polyps and medically its impossible to cure them
....third one asked me to go for endoscopy and he told me there are
multiple polyps at my left nose and single polyp at right ... so these
polyps are going towards eyes hense can damage eyes or go into brain
thats y he asked me to go for surgery with in one week ........ he also
shown me some terrible pics of peoples whose polyps gone in there brian
..... so he recommended me urgery surgery ..... while the other doctor
one told me these polyps can fill sinuses hense making surgery
difficult if not treated earlier............ so i just prepared my mind
for surgery but my parents known , homeopathic doctors everyone told me
to avoid surgery because according to them surgery can cause more
damage than polyps also polyps can come back after surgery

" i will post my endoscopic report in this thread(complete scanned
image after few hours) ...........""

But real this is after treating my polyps with homeopathic medicines my
polyps start shrinking infact i cannot touch them externally plus i can
take breath from my left nose (with little or negligible snoaring
voice)...... so i donot know whats happening if homeopathic medicines
are working for me ?.... he told me to drink some medicines ( kinda
acidic medicines ) plus glycering mixed with some diluted acids to
apply in my nose )...(in homepathy acids are very much diluted and you
donot actually know its acid or water )..... but when i apply that
medicines in my nose it appears they are shrinking my nose .. and my
nose released lot of water , and it appears polyp will dissappear if
treated like that .... but i donot know why lot of peoples are against
homeopathy while all homeopathy doctors told me they can cure my polyps
easily ,.... so let me knwo what should i do ... Thanks

"even if i am feeling that my polyps are shrinking only reason that
doctors want me to go for surgery is the fear that they can effect eyes
/brian/ sinuses or other parts of body " so what will be the right
decision( btw is endoscopy enough to determine polyps size i will post
my endoscopy report here on this group soon or doed CTSCAN is required
to determine polyps )
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7 27th January 00:47
allen l.
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal)

In news:1116073109.890620.196640@g14g2000cwa.googlegr,
Ankur <> typed:

Hey, if the homeopathy is working stay with it. Go back to a 'regular'
doctor and have him take a look and see if he still sees the polyps...don't
wait *too* long to get them checked.

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8 27th January 05:14
External User
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal endoscopy down throat)

Thanks Allen ,and everyone who replied , thats my endoscopic report.

.... actually homeopathic doctor told me to atleast give him 2-3
months because homeopathic medicines takes long time to effect ...;;
however sympthoms are improving i donot know it may be temprory like
steriods ..or permanent as homeopathy is promicing . or i have changed
my living eating habits also hot season started in my city so may be
some enviormental changes .......................
but what i really think is i hate english doctors they throw something
during endoscopy in my nose which is yet irritating my throat ( my
throat is giving me more problem than nose) also my whole body is
broken down just by consuming 2 tablets of english medicines
............... really this allopathy must think about side effects and
make treatment just good for us not bad .... however i just want to
wait few weeks and i donot think waiting one month can make my
condition .. i will take this risk as lot of peoples told me risk of
surgery is (.07%) much more than risk of polyps ..... so atleast i will
try all alternative medicines and try to completely change my living
habits and lets see changes ( also i have read lot of experiments on
google suggesting consuming vitamin C or staying away from pollution
or donot eating dairy products) can either decrease size of polyps or
eliminate them ........................
however i think i have polyps from years ( may be from birth) but now i
am worried because i know its polyp not something blocked nose due to
cold in summer .... however surgery is the last solution and i will try
my best to avoid it ....

however i would like to know if anyone cured nasal polyps with
alternative medicines ... i guess i man knows if his polyps are growing
or shrinking from his own body sympthoms

How true it is >>>>>>

"however somepeoples(homeopathic doctors/family/friends) told me polyps
donot grow like g****s it takes years to build them and they know
peoples with polyps from 20 years who never opted any treatment ,they
say operation is useless as we have mouth to breath plus polyps can
come back any time .

"doctors say:
so i will know from my sympthoms if they can effect my eyes or not (as
someone told in this group whose bones were displaced with polyps)" is
this right fact ? how much i can wait .... on other hand doctor say it
can effect eyes anytime may be with in week thats y they r
recommending immidiate surgery to patients with muliple big polyps..
however i can breath from my nose may be homepathic medicines shrinked
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9 27th January 05:14
External User
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal)

The only thing I stopped was drinking milk (helped me a lot) and wine.
keeping the humidity from going over 40% in my house. I changed the
carpet because the dustmites were extreme. Now Im fine except if I get a
cold then look out. So I guess its up to each person to try different
things that work for you. If you stop milk do it for at least a month.
Also how is your indoor air quality? Mold bothers some people ect ect.
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10 27th January 05:14
External User
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Default Can nasal polyps kill me (nasal polyps nasal)

Hi, Whats the name of the medicine the homeopathic Doctor is giving you?
Let me know please. I take biyan pian and it helps some. But its not for
everyone so dont rush to buy it. My polyps only bother me when I get a
cold. They wanted surgery a year ago. Let me know the names of the meds.
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