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1 4th September 15:25
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Default Day 2 of 100 Days

Day 2 of 100 Days starting.

I weighed probably a bit more today than I did yesterday after
returning from my three-day hike. The scale showed 236 and slightly

higher to see EXACTLY how much more I weigh, because that kind of
think is demotivating as long as I adhere to my low-calorie
approach, the weight will come off.)

Seems to me that a major problem with weight loss (at least in with me
in this food-rich environment) is simple distractions. That is, I have
changed my approaches and have given up what has worked well for me in
the past. It's too easy to listen to advice from people perhaps from
a TV show and then start on a new diet program. There's the story of
the farmer whose sheep has been devastated by a wolf, and he sics the
dog on the wolf's trail. So off goes the dog, and before an hour has
passed, the dog is tiredly pursuing the wolf's trail when it comes
across a rabbit trail that smells newer, and so the dog takes off on
that track. By the end of the day, having switched prey many times,
the dog ends up barking at a squirrel in a tree. Seems to me that it's
just too easy to switch goals and wind up in a worthless pursuit.

To help me maintain task focus I were numbers on my watchband and
today I will put a "2" on my watchband to indicate that this is the
second day. As the pounds come off, I will add the number of pounds
lost to a second set of numbers below the first. (I remember 5 years
or so ago when I first tried this approach I started off at about
274 and nothing was working at all for me in getting the weight off
and I was talking to a neighbor about dieting and exercise. I noted
that I had lost something like 30 pounds in 54 days, and he told me,
"Not that we're counting!" and I said, "Oh, yes, I'm counting!" The
watch numbers make it possible to do so.)

I also have a weight graph and every morning after weighing, I add my
morning weight number to that. It will trend downwards within the next
couple of days.

My calorie goal today is 1000 calories and I will exercise later this
evening, in spite of my blisters from recent hiking.

I hope everyone finds a program that works for her and him is able to
stick with that program long enough to reach their health goals! Let's
all be "good enough for long enough!"


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