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1 26th January 07:24
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Default Decongestants and BPH (prostate nasal)

I have a worsening post nasal drip condition - may be allegeries. I
have tried Nasacort because it does not have any warnings about
enlargesd protate (which I have). It really is not effective.

Is anyone aware of ANY nasal decongestant that does not
adversely effect the prostate in those of us who have BPH?
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2 26th January 07:25
el castor
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Default Decongestants and BPH (allergy oxymetazoline job nasal)

Try a nasal spray. Oxymetazoline products, like Afrin -- and many
generics, do the trick for me. When allergy season overwhelms the
oxymetazoline, I have a prescription spray that does the job --
Nasarel. It has no immediate effect and needs to be used a couple of
times a day, but in 24 - 48 hours it kicks in and is very effective. I
should add that my symptoms are mainly the usual hayfever -- stuffy
nose and sneezing, but post nasal drip seems to be part of it.
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3 26th January 07:25
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Default Decongestants and BPH

Caution about Afrin Nose Spray...

An Ear Nose Throat specialist used Afrin nose spray to diagnose a large
deviated septum in 2004. Two days later I could not urinate. In small
amounts it might be okay, but be aware what it can do in large amounts.
The end result was a TUMT in 2004 and a PVP in 2005. 62 yr old.
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4 26th January 07:25
el castor
External User
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Default Decongestants and BPH

Sigh. You appear to have a point. I think I need to restrict my advice
to religion and politics.
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5 26th January 07:25
External User
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Default Decongestants and BPH

Chockman...why did the ENT need Afrin to diagnose your deviated septum.
Huh!!! Couldn't he tell by just looking up your nose with his separator [ie
reverse pliers - don't know the medical term :-)].


Two days later I could not urinate.
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6 26th January 07:25
External User
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Default Decongestants and BPH (phenylephrine flonase nasal)

Steve...First, the term nasal decongestant may not be the right term, but I
don't want to get into that. It sounds like your primary physician gave you
the Rx for the nasacort. There are many on the market (flonase, etc). Most
of them are corticosteroids (i.e. anti inflammatories) to my knowledge (I
used to take every steroid spray and inhalant made back in the 90's). There
are some that are not steroids, and may tend to be more for anti histamine
effect, and may dry you up and plug up your nose. Ask your doctor to try
some others. Flonase (corticosteroid) is probably the most well known.

The over the counter sprays are vaso constrictors and are dangerous if you
take them to long(regardless of the formula - I consider Afrin milder than
the brands with phenylephrine HCL), and can cause re-bound congestion and
make you worse than when you started. Some people can take them for long
periods of time, which they shouldn't (I never could - they would rebound on
me soon). The prescribed steroid sprays can also mess you up, but I believe
it takes longer (and I believe many people take them for long periods, if at
least not seasonally), and they may also eat a hole in your nose if you take
them indefinitely :-). But they are mainly topical and have very little
systemic effect like the oral corticosteroids...Pete
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7 26th January 07:25
External User
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Default Decongestants and BPH (nasal)


I was referred to the ENT by my allergist for possible somnoplasty
(reduction of the nasal passage turbinates so that I could breathe
better at night) and he was examining me for that procedure when he
found the deviated septum. I think I was hit in the nose by a
basketball in the 9th grade. It is amazing to me that no MD (even the
allergist who did an ENT exam with a scope) ever found the deviated
septum. The ENT said it was one of the 3 worst ones out of a 100 he had
ever seen. The surgery was a nasty one in that I had to try sleeping
upright in a recliner for 5 nights. But I can breathe so much better
and am glad I had it done.
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8 26th January 07:25
michael balarama
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Default Decongestants and BPH (down)

try using that salt water spray mixture costs $2-shake it and squirt it up
the nostril and let it drip down your sinus passages- cleans out the nose
and sinus passage for me..the salt water seems to wash out allergens in the
nose for me
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9 26th January 12:03
External User
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Default Decongestants and BPH

And if sinus is really a problem, for information go to:

A popular way to irrigate the sinus is using the Grossan water pik

Or his latest device:

Dr. Grossan often posts to that group.

I used regular water and a teaspoon of salt in a pint of water. I had
endoscopic sinus surgery a few years ago and don't need it much anymore.
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10 26th January 12:03
External User
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Default Decongestants and BPH (catscan)

Chockman...I have had deviated septum surgery (1970), and two turbinate ops
in my life - one in the doc's office (with a scalpel and local anesthesia
back in 1972). The doc was an old time Plastic surgeon (ex ENT) and I
called him a horse doctor, because he was a miserable son of a bitch (but he
knew what he was doing and helped me). I couldn't breathe for a long time
(and the deviated septum op didn't help), and I was referred to him by an
old time allergist. He was almost 70 I'd say and he had this beautiful
receptionist/nurse (and his wife) who was at least 30 years younger than
him. It was very interesting - I tried to go back to him a couple years
later and he was on extended leave - but I saw him a little later, and a
lady told me his wife was over in Egypt and they were splitting apart.

My second turbinate was in 1996 and was laser assisted (didn't help as much
as the first op with the horse doctor - lol). Now the nose sprays and
inhalants are the least of my worries :-) . I haven't taken them in many
years. I still don't see why an ENT couldn't see your deviated septum by
visual examination. I'm sure a sinus catscan would have shown it. Did the
Afrin help him to identify it...Pete
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