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1 14th September 05:03
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Default Dermatitis Hepaformis... (celiac outbreak stomach)

hello everyone!

i've had celiac for 4 years (my lovely celiac anniversary today..haha)...and
if i eat anything with gluten in it, i don't get an upset stomach, nausea,
etc. in the past few months i've noticed that what i thought was excema
comes out more if i happen to eat gluten. could this be dermatitis

when i have an 'outbreak' on my face....i put cortate 1% on it and it helps
out a lot. i am wondering if this is what others do as well?

thanks for any information!

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2 14th September 05:03
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Default Dermatitis Hepaformis... (gluten-free diet)

If you are gluten intolerant, I hope you're not knowingly eating
anything with gluten in it, symptoms or not. It could be very dangerous
to your health. More than likely your rash is due to the gluten and the
only thing that will stop it is a 100% gluten-free diet.

Tom & Pat Bridges
Tropical Fish Hobbyists
Welland, ON Canada
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3 14th September 05:03
steven tate
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Default Dermatitis Hepaformis... (celiac gluten-free acne diet dermatologist)

Yes, it's could be dermatitis herpetiformis. The only way to know for sure
is to go to a dermatologist and have him look at (and biopsy) it. For
several years I thought I either had a resurgence of acne or eczema, with
outbreaks on my face, knees, and elbows. Nobody knew what it was until I
went to a dermatologist. He knew what it was as soon as he saw it, but the
biopsy was conclusive.

In the short run, if you have lots of rashes and itching it can be cleared
up with dapsone (a powerful steroid). Realize, though, that the gluten
antibodies stay in your skin and can cause eruptions for a long time even
after you stop eating food containing gluten. It does in mine. So don't
delay starting the gluten-free diet. Otherwise, if it is DH it will likely
get worse, and your celiac disease will damage your gut even if you don't
have symptoms.

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4 14th September 05:03
External User
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Default Dermatitis Hepaformis... (down stomach)


I have DH. At first I didn't experience any of the nasty reactions of upset
stomach, the runs and etc. BUT they will come eventually, and then your gut,
bones, muscles, liver, hair, finger/toe-nails,.... ands lots more body parts
will become seriously f#<ked up.
So......, keep throwing down the gluten and oh yeah do continue to spread
the cortate 1%.

"still and always angry"
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5 14th September 05:04
don wiss
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Default Dermatitis Hepaformis... (itch)

But does it itch? If not, then it isn't DH. And if DH, and you don't itch
it to scabbing, it will have a little dot in the middle.
Don <donwiss at>.
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6 14th September 05:04
External User
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Default Dermatitis Hepaformis...

thanks for the answers everyone!!

i don't eat gluten on purpose...usually when i notice the rash is back i
think back to what i ate in the past couple days and sometimes gluten
questionable things come to mind...

the rash is itchy and at its worst looks almost like a small bubble..there
is a center to it...

thanks again!

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7 14th September 05:04
External User
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Default Dermatitis Hepaformis... (down itching constipation)

That is the part of Celiac disease that I have. My relatives had this
when they were babies.
Those days they drank goats milk.

I got the blisters a couple years ago. The blisters are so painful like
boils. It felt like it went down to my nerveous system, I could hardly
wear any clotheing over it. I used CO-10 cream to control the itching,
but had to live through the pain a few days.
Loss of appetite, bloating, constipation, no energy, stomaches before I
got the blisters.

I am undiagnosed by medical tests. Gluten Free living all those symptoms
have gone away.

I had a lot of support from
I still get their Newsletter.

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