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1 20th January 13:46
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Default Econopred (glaucoma)

I just had cateract surgery along with a TRAB. The Dr. has me on
Econopred every hour. The original instructions were for a drop every
four hours but was changed to every hour. What is the purpose of this
medication? I won't see my Dr. until next week and am curious what it
does. The instructions that came with it has a warning that prolonged
use can cause glaucoma which has me a little concerned as well.

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2 20th January 13:46
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Default Econopred (down prednisolone eye)

Econopred is prednisolone acetate, a steroid, which is used
postoperatively to decrease inflammation and to help slow healing
after a trab (you don't want the flap to heal down or it will stop the
outflow of fluid, thus raising the eye pressure). The reason your doc
may have increased it to a more frequent dosing regimen may be that
you had a little more inflammation than expected when your eye was
seen in the office after surgery.
--Rick Cohn, MD
Glaucoma Specialist
Winter Park, FL
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