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1 4th April 02:53
wendy baker
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Default Experience with McDonald's (diabetes)

: Some time ago, since I received my first new meter kit, I noticed that my bg
: went to 180 3-4 hours after I ate meal at McDonald's two times. My meal was
: crispy chicken sandwich meal combo with large fries and large diet drink....
: Total was 120g carbs after I studied nutriets and learned some lessons. I
: finally stopped to go McDonald's to eat for supper for several weeks.

: I finally lost 18 lbs in three weeks after I stopped to go there. Instead I
: ate Subway sandwiches for low fat contents. My pants was getting loose. I
: had bought shorter belt (lower one or two size scales).

: Recently I tried grilled chicken sandwich meal with large fries and large
: diet drink once, it resulted very different when I checked my meter. It
: went to 128 to 131 3 hours after eating my meal combo. I know that fat
: content in fries delayed the spike so that I have check 3 to 4 hours after
: eat. Hmm.

: Does anyone have experience with grilled chicken sandwich meal combos?

: I checked my meter several times daily. My most numbers are within
: non-diabetes range execpt fastings (120 to 140 early morning) because of
: liver dumps. I checked my meter at 9am to 10am wiith no eating food (more
: than 8 hours) and it resulted 107 to 115 for fasting numbers.
: Before dinner, my most numbers are 80 to 100.

: Thank you,
: Tim Stark

I have not had succes with a grilled chicken sndwich and a diet soda (no
fries) I have had succes with the new salad s. I ge the grilled chicken
(no breading of it) ceasar salad with teh lower fat, balsamic dressing. I
use the little packet of toast pieces, as it is 8 grs of carbo and only
about 1/4-1/3 of the dressing packet as it is very salty! Eating this
salad in this way does not spike me. I use this when having to eat on the
NYState thruway, where all the food is fast food outlets. When travellin
ghte other wy, we go to the Roy Rogers and I have a griled chicken
sadwich, eat haf the bun and take full advantage of the "fixin's bar" for
lotse of lettuce, tomatoes and onions. All this is washed down with
either a diet sod or iced tea.

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