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1 19th January 22:45
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (fat)

I am a 55 year old male who is 6'2" tall and weigh about 212 lbs.. I
consider myself to be in good shape .

I do about 50 minutes or more of aerobic activity at least 4 times a
week and I do weights about twice a week. For some strange reason over
the last 6 months or so, I've developed some extra fat deposits around
my upper waist despite having addied ab work to my workouts several
months ago. Pants that fit fine last summer are now tight around my
waist. I have gained about 6 lbs. in the last year but I'm sure that
most of that went to my arms and shoulders because people have pointed
out to me that I'm larger in those places.

I realize that "spot" reducing doesn't work and was wondering if anyone
had any advice for me.


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2 19th January 22:46
steve freides
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (fat weight)

It's likely that you gained a bit of weight all over. 6 pounds in your
arms and shoulders would be quite a bit. Don't forget that, all other
things being equal, we all gain about 1 pound per year of fat as we
age. It's a battle we all must fight, I'm afraid.

Personally, I think aerobic activity is what makes a lot of people fat -
it makes you carb hungry. Experiment with tilting your program more
towards resistance training by cutting the cardio back from 50 minutes
or more to 40 minutes or less, and add a third regular weight workout
each week. I used to do tons of running, bicycling, and swimming, and I
now do less of each, lift more, and feel (and look) much better for the
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3 19th January 22:46
External User
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (carbohydrates calories diet exercise weight)

I would add a puzzled caution here, though I spend about 3+ hours each week
lifting at Gold's, and enjoy Steve's advice in various groups.

To control appetite work on your diet. That alone could eventually take off
the extra. Regarding appetite control: avoid snacks and meals with a high
glycemic load, esp. sugar, white bread, starch, etc. and add more complex
carbohydrates, esp. salads, whole grains, fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean

However, to speed this, burn as many calories as you can during your
available exercise time. Slow running burns about 140 calories per mile,
about 1000+ in an hour. It also tends to reduce appetite. Each week, you
might add an extra pleasurable trail run of an hour or more in the cool of
morning or evening, interspersed with short walking breaks if you have the
need. That will burn about 1.5 pounds per month. Depending on your diet,
you might achieve the recommended maximum monthly weight loss of 2 pounds.
You could even take an active dog along with you to keep it relaxed.
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4 19th January 22:46
External User
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (calories fat)

To me it quite simple. If you are gaining fat....You're
consuming to many calories. Not too many carbs, proteins, sugars or
gummy bears just too many calories. As far as cloth fit it may be that
your body is changing shape due to the activities you are doing. I've
recently found that some of my pants are tight around the legs, not
fat but my legs are getting larger due to considerable larger amount
of time on the bike. I would suggest a couple of things. One would be
to get a body fat ****ysis now and then check it again in six months.
If you think you can healthily go to a lower body fat percentage then
burn more calories or eat fewer, simple.
In my experinace getting caught up in, eat this or eat that or
do this or do that normally doesn't work. If you follow the one rule
"eat less" and or "do more" you will lose fat. Unless of course you
have some special medical condition as apparently 60% of my fellow
Americans claim to have.

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5 19th January 22:46
steve freides
External User
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (diet weight)

Thank you for the kind words.

I think you make a good point but I think it's worth exploring a little

For me, too much running every day or nearly every day never saw me get
thinner, it saw me get *hungry*. I think there is a period of time
during which relatively new runners might experience a loss of appetite
and I know I usually am not hungry right after a run, but a few hours
later, stand back and I inhale all the food stuffs I can find! A lot of
this has to do with years in the bank, I feel. Even the first few years
of running felt good to me in terms of weight loss and appetite control,
but a regular diet of 35-50 minute runs almost every day just left me
tired, with little muscle, an even bigger appetite than I now have, and
a bigger waistline.

But I have found that a long effort once a week or so is great - I love
to go out for several hours on the bicycle on the weekends and do feel
like such an effort, not done more often than one a week, serves me

We're all different and our original poster ought to experiment to see
what works best for him.
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6 19th January 22:46
External User
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (diet fat)

Hi, Anna!

As I, too, am getting older, I'm wondering if I could get you to elaborate on some things?

Does the diet have to be lower fat? Will this help in the overall fat distribution?

Which (or what, maybe?) exercises would you consider "fat burning"?

Does this mean testosterone is trapped in fat cells, and can be released?

How much of a difference will the extra muscle make in what I can eat?

Thanks in advance!

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7 19th January 22:47
john hudson
External User
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Default Fat deposits around my hips

It's like watching a cat with a mouse!

It says a lot about you Hoff, that you want to lull an innocent,
before you move in for the kill!

If you're wise Anna you'll give this cruel 'little' man a wide berth!
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8 19th January 23:16
radioactive man
External User
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (calories stomach fat)

True, but it is not enough to say he is simply eating too many
calories. Most people just eat until they're full, unless they have
some kind of an issue with overeating as a psychological addiction.
The best cure for overweight would be to eat foods less rich in
calories, since equal caloric amounts of different foods don't usually
provide stomach filling effect. For example, one can eat a salad with
250 calories from the salad itself and 250 calories from the fat in
the dressing. But take away most of the fat in the dressing and the
person will not notice much difference in how full they feel

Much of the population in the U.S., myself included, rely on various
forms of fast food and ready-to-eat meals. Far too many of these
meals have excessive quantities of fats that aren't really needed to
achieve good taste. For example, if you take away most of the oil in
a pan pizza or ranch dressing, you end up with a product that tastes
nearly as good as before, but with only a fraction of the calories.
To me, that is a reasonable trade-off: losing most of the excess
calores, but keeping most of the good taste. We, as consumers, should
be seeking out reasonable alternatives, such as the hand-toss pizza
and low-fat dressings.

The human body needs certain proportions of each of the major
nutrients (carbs, proteins, fats, etc.) in order to function properly.
Simply eating the right amount of total calories is not enough.
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9 19th January 23:16
ferd berfel
External User
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (diet fat)

I thought you were forever young.

A lower fat diet helps with fat that's lower. That's how it works. If
you have fat on your hips, which are considered "lower", then a low-fat
diet works, but if all your fat is higher than your hips, then a low-fat
diet doesn't help.

Trying to light a book of wet matches. When and if you get one lit,
hold it to your hips to burn off excess fat. I've seen few fat-burning
exercises that equal this one because of its multi-dimensional approach.

It's not testosterone that's trapped in fat cells, it's the hormone
libidius. When libidius, which is directly responsible for the libido,
is released, testosterone levels soar. Everyone knows that looking at
yourself in the mirror when you've lost fat raises your libido, and the
rest follows from there.

If I took a guess, I'd say, "a lot."

I hope I've shed some more light on the approach Anna is suggesting.

Ferd "TV Star of the '60's" Berfel
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10 19th January 23:16
External User
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Default Fat deposits around my hips (calories fat weight)

Absolutely no argument for me. Just a different issue than I
was trying to address. I think many people instead of saying "I'm
gaining weight I'm consuming to many calories" say "I'm gaining weight
I must be eating something wrong" which then, in many cases, leads to
a search for the "miracle" food or drug.
Without a doubt eating certain foods will give you a sense of
"fullness" with less calories. However eating a candy bar and waiting
for 20 minutes may also stave off hunger and give a sense of
satisfaction. I personally think many people rely on the "I'm full"
feeling to heavily particularly those that eat fast like myself. We
can consume alot of food before or body reacts and response with the
I'm full feeling.

I agree again. Just pointing out that by saying you shoudln't
have "X" food because it makes you fat is simple false.(This point was
brought up in another post in this thread) "X" food may not satisfy
you so you may have the tendancy to eat to much of "X" food and that
makes you fat. But eating "X" food in proper portions and caloric
intake will not make you fat. ~Matt
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