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1 24th October 22:48
jan toersche
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Default fighting cancer@home (cancer aids down)


I want to make a suggestion about using your pc to find a cancer drug, aka
fighting cancer@home

Many people may know seti@home, letting your pc find ET. This works on the
principal that millions of home pc's are given certain packages that they
process and the results are send back to SETI. The SETI network now has the
processing power that is more then a 100 times faster then the world
fastest supercomputer. For a couple of years now this principle is also used
by the pharmaceutical industry and research institutes. uses this
network technology that uses everyday people's computer to fight cancer.
They use computational chemistry to find possible drugs candidates for
cancer. They literally scan billions and billions of molecules for their
potential as a drug, and your pc can help. This cuts down drug research and
development with several years.

The fight cancer@home can be downloaded at ; here you can also
find more info on this subject. I used this program now for two years and
are trying to inform as many as people of its excistence. Next to I
also run aids@home

All this was just for your information,

Jan Toersche
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