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1 15th February 21:51
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Default Have problems and need suggestions (endometrial cancer)

After more than 30 years with endometriosis I thought I was in menopause. Even
my doctor agreed although he felt I was a tiny bit early (at that time 49) but
my tests showed menopause. After about a year I started bleeding again. At
first just spotting but its quickly built up to a nightmare. My tests such as
the sonograms appeared to be endometrial cancer although subsequent biopsies
showed it to be hyperplasia instead. Now I am on a merry go round so to speak.
I am shortly to have a progesterone IUD put in. I am also taking Depo Provera
shots. The idea was to get one every twelve weeks but they have now upped it to
every 4 weeks. Still I bleed. Its been over 2 months this time and I am
heartily sick of it. If I am not spotting I am outright bleeding. If it stops
at all its only for a few days and it starts all over again. I have a team of
doctors involved including some from University of Alabama in Birmingham which
is about 100 miles south of me.
Anyone have any suggestions? What about the Provera IUD? Do they help? I would
like to get it all removed but I nearly bled to death following my sons birth
by c-section and again after the D&C and biopsies they did recently. I have
been told I have an extremely vascular uterus and they are trying to avoid more
surgery if at all possible.

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2 16th February 09:59
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Default Have problems and need suggestions (progesterone)

Apparently there's different types/forms of progesterone ...pills?
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