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1 18th November 08:46
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Default HIT inherited? (allergies)

My mother had a heart attack several years ago. Long story short, we
discovered she had HIT (heparin induced thrombocytopenia(sp?)) and
probably had the attack due to a prior surgery.
At the time, I asked around and did a little reading; I couldn't find
anything on wether HIT is inheritable or not; and I forgot all about

I still can't find anything that says wether it is inheritable or not.
I realise it might be more complicated than yes or no (like allergies),
but like I said I haven't found anything.

Thanks for any info, and I apologise if this is not the right newsgroup.
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2 20th November 11:14
mike mcwilliams
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Default HIT inherited? (heparin)

heparin is a blood thinning agent formerly used to kill rats.

It's a medication that you have to consume to see the effects of, so, it
would not be inheritable. People are often put on heparin if they have
blood clot problems.
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