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1 18th March 04:37
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Default How willing are women to date a short guy? (diet shyness)

Jim Summers87 posted the following in only
as a reply to The Danimal (who's post Jim Summers87 has quoted
from without attribution), but since The Danimal's original post
was also made to the groups,,,
and, I'm reposting Jim Summers87's post to all the
original groups that The Danimal made his post to. I'm doing this
because I do not believe The Danimal reads

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway. If anyone
replies to my present post, please distinguish between my comments,
Jim Summers87's comments, and The Danimal's comments as appropriate
in your reply.


From: Jim Summers87 (
Subject: Re: How willing are women to date a short guy?
Date: 2003-08-18 00:02:27 PST

Explain to me why there are short men working for IBM while
there are tall, homeless men living in an alley? Height means
nothing in our economic society. How important are tall guys who
have dropped out of High School? How does their height help them
work minimum wage jobs??

Survival of the Fittest?? Nonsense. Even in a war, the tall
soldier has a longer body so therefore he has more areas which
can be shot...if women are still judging by height they are means nothing and being short or tall doesn't help
survival one bit.

Give me one disadvantage for animal survival that a short
guy has???? Show me how the size of someone's body impacts
the species???


Virgo Cluster

"[10 Last Meals of Condemned Murderers] (#8) A U.S. one dollar bill
sandwich -- Joshua Jones, hanged at Pennsylvania in 1839 for the
murder of his wife. While Jones was awaiting execution, he sold
his body to the prison doctors for 10 doctors. He spent nine
dollars on delicacies to vary his prison diet. Realizing that
he still had a dollar bill in his picket just minutes before
his execution, he requested two slices of bread."

<< Karl Shaw, "The Mammoth Book of Tasteless
Lists", Carroll & Graf Publishers, 1998, p. 90 >>
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