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1 1st July 10:26
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Default Hypnosis in medicine.... (stress)

Wonder if would work to help bi polar...??

Sounds like could be used as a stress reliever....

check it interview....

have fun......sno

No matter how dangerous nuclear power may or may
not be, is it any more dangerous than what we are
doing now....??

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2 1st July 10:26
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Default Hypnosis in medicine....

Apparently I'm very receptive to hypnosis, can go under reallly deep
and it has been very helpfull in certain areas. Quitting smoking
sseveral for 6 years. Dealing with my fear of dental
work......that worked extreemly well as recently as Thursday.......self
hypnosis, deep breathing, mantra......went extreemly well has it has
done over the years.
In college i learned to love skim milk and cottage chesse and I still
do. i think I thought I didn't like them....turns out i

As to healing significant problems, like BP.....well of course not.
however, they could proably be used to reinforce coping skills.

it's not a cure all for everything, and doesn't bill itself to be

One other point....being put you can do it, will leave you
in the same deep, deep state of relaxation that can only be likened to
the totally dead relaxation of extreemly satisfactory ***.

I like it.

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3 1st July 10:26
north polar skip
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Default Hypnosis in medicine....

I had hypnosis sessions when I quit smoking. Past tense quit. Quiitted
sounds better defined, although not proper. Anyway it worked. I didn't.
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