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1 15th December 20:46
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Default In two or so days ... (panic heart)

In two or so days my daughter will be leaving,
going cross country with a friend headed for
the same destination. I feel like I'm giving
birth to her all over again even though what's
really taking place is that she's taking flight and
going into the world on her own. I sure hope
it's normal to be having mini-panic attacks and
moments where the tears well up so full bc of
how much I hold her in my heart.

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2 15th December 20:47
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Default In two or so days ... (job)

Hi SofT,

Of course it's normal. Sad and thrilling all at the same time, huh?
Sad cuz your creation is going away and thrilling cuz you've done the
job all parents are supposed to do--taught your child/ren how to be
independent. It's the fulfillment of one phase of being a parent and
the beginning of another phase--heading more into friendship.

My boys turned 14 last month. They spent four weeks (including their
birthday--first birthday ever away from me) in Europe this summer. They
are becoming young men and world travelers. It thrills and saddens me.
People tell me what a great job I've done--they are loving, caring,
thoughtful boys. I thank them but often I think they have become what
they have become in spite of me, not because of me. I guess I know my
thinking is skewed but it is hard to take credit for doing good.

May the wings that your daughter is spreading help her to live her life
as she wants and may they always enable her to fly back home.....

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3 16th December 10:23
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Default In two or so days ... (heart)

Hello Domino,

I think you say many things that I am also feeling and thinking
about my daughter and her accomplishments. She too has
become and is in the process of becoming. And, in my heart,
I am eternally thankful for her adventurous and courageous

I hope you don't mind that in addition to giving to my daughter
a copy of my post, I also quoted your response for her and
then added the response to you above and a personal closing.
I want you to know that while my daughter may never know
who you are who has joined this important life transition for
her, I believe that your words, in addition to mine, will have
a lasting and positive effect on her ... thank you.

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