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1 19th September 14:24
robert green
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Default Increased Pressure Question

Too much stuff to copy type. Here's the basics:

Sleep Onset 7 minutes
Time in Bed 550
Tot. sleep time 267

Apneas Central 2
Obstructive 161
Mixed --
Hypopneas 27
Mean duration 22
longest 72
Mean desaturation 89
Greatest desaturation 79

Heart rate Wake 105BPM
Sleep 70BPM

Bobby G.
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2 19th September 14:25
External User
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Default Increased Pressure Question

There is one professional who has returned to the NG recently.
His id is bs. He is probably the only one that could comment
with any authority.

However, I'll make nonprofessional comments.

Looks like you didn't have any trouble falling asleep.

But you didn't stay asleep

What did your doctor have to say about these?

161 in 267 minutes, every 36 seconds (if I did my arithmetic right)

Is this the longest apnea or hypopnea?

It's important to know what your awake saturation was. That is,
before you fell asleep. If it was low to start, you might have
some other problem(s). [Sorry!] Mine was 98 and it is 98 at
home with my CPAP, all night long.

I do know that this is very high awake, resting pulse rate,
unless they had you doing exercises before they had you go to
bed. My normal resting pulse rate is 60-70. My target heart
rate when doing aerobic exercises is limited to 100.

Was your rapid pulse a result of anxiety?

I think this depends on the sleep stage. Hopefully it was lower
in one or more stages, because I think this is high also.
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3 19th September 14:25
External User
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Default Increased Pressure Question

Have you ever had an echocardiogram? If not, you might want to consider it.
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4 2nd October 02:50
robert green
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Default Increased Pressure Question

Well, I had the test and it was a disaster. The apnea was cured but I got a
migraine in trade. ;-( Allergic reaction to the mask, pain in the ribcage,
dry eyes, claustrophobia, nausea. I don't think the CPAP and I are going to
make it.

Bobby G.
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5 2nd October 02:51
External User
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Default Increased Pressure Question

That's why you went there, right?

Sorry to hear of all the problems. Many of us don't make it
through smoothly. However, you haven't indicated anything new,
in general; however, I haven't read of all these things happening
during titration, but, instead, later.

Have you ever had a migraine previously? Search the archives
regarding allergic reactions to masks. Also for pains (stomach,
ribs, etc.).

My opthamologist says many of his patients, using CPAP, have dry
eye problems. Normally caused by eyes not closing tight and very
small leaks from top of mask. He recommends an OTC high
viscosity product that you put in your eyes at night. However,
lets wait until you have been fitted for your own mask.

Most people don't like to have anyone suggest 'psychological'
problems; but, claustrophobia is a psychological problem, in
itself. In addition, if you haven't had any clear evidence of
claustrophobia previously, it is unlikely that it was

One of the 'features' of claustrophobia is fear of not being able
to get out of something, like out from under a car you are
working on, out of an elevator, out of a closed MRI or PETscan
machine. However, you can get out of the mask any time you want.

Strikes me that the migraine, feelings of claustrophobia, nausea,
and even the pain in the ribs, could have come from anxiety.

What do YOU think?
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6 2nd October 02:51
robert green
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Default Increased Pressure Question


Definitely. The mask leaked every time I turned over and the exhaust also
seemed to bounce back and blow over my eyes. They still feel burned.

It was fine to start but when I woke up, masked and at high pressure the
desire to rip it off was really in the panic range. Norm was starting to
make me feel a little ashamed at being a claustrophobe <grin> but you're
helping me realize it's a pretty common reaction. It has a surgical, road
accident sort of association with me as well.

We will see if I get the same attention. I suspect there are at least
another two steps to go in this process.

If I can adjust to it I might feel the same way. But I always thought the
process might make my migraines go supernova. I'm not sure I'm going to
resolve that as easily as I can get over the claustrophobia.

Funny you should say that. I had my MP3 player with me and when I got a
really bad attack I turned up the volume real loud to counter it and the
song that was playing was "Like a Prayer." If only I could make the sinus
(more accurate description than migraine) headaches go away as easily.

I assume that will work itself out. Leakage is an annoyance, but a daily
migraine/sinus/cluster/monster headache is a deal breaker.

Doc was concerned about rib cage pain, asked some questions and became less concerned. It's dissapating.

Time spent adjusting headgear: Zero. This clearly was the most unfair test
imaginable. At home, with a heat humidifier, a comfortable room, no
electrodes and my own well-adjusted headgear, things might work out. I feel
it's only 50-50 on the headaches. I have tried every headache pill and
remedy known to man and for me, the answer has been - don't get headaches in
the first place is the best cure and for me that means stay out of breezes.

Thanks for the support, Mika!

Bobby G.
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7 4th October 08:46
anna leblanc
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Default Increased Pressure Question

in article bfiad8$8nh$, Robert Green at

There, right there. That is the attitude to concentrate on. I'm glad you
have someone willing to try a mouthpiece. That means they are taking you
seriously. Do keep trying because you won't like the consequences of life
without treatment.

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8 6th October 20:19
robert green
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Default Increased Pressure Question

They showed me four options but had a clear preference for the mask with a
V-shaped rubber membrane for a deal. It seemed lighter than the gel mask
but I may end up trying the gel one to see if I get a better seal.

We'll call you Moses lips from now on!

Bobby G.
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9 6th October 20:19
External User
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Default Increased Pressure Question


Interesting. Every time I have rented (hired?) a machine in Australia the
vendor has been happy to show me how to adjust the pressure within AGREED
limits. This goes for 3 brands of machines hired from 4 different vendors.

Behave like you are intelligent & not out to cause a problem and be treated

Or is that in Australia they don't make money from adjusting your machine so
they might as well show you how to do it yourself?

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10 8th October 01:17
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Default Increased Pressure Question

The Dr wanted me to try a CPAP because my sleep study indicated there was a
possibility I had UARS.

I stopped about a month to six weeks ago. I'm convinced I'm tired because I
don't sleep properly. I am a very light sleeper and wake up frequently
during the night. My theory - my very own theory - is that I don't get
through all the sleep stages adequately because of this.

But not had any luck convincing the medical profession. And even if one of
them did take my theory serious I'm not really sure what they could do to
help me.

Such is life.

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