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1 2nd June 06:43
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Default Intrathecal Baclofen Pump (baclofen abdomen)

Hi Guys/Gals,
I am a 26 yo male with spastic diplega. About 7 months ago I had an
operation to get a baclofen pump installed to help with my CP. For
those of you that are not fimilar with it, a pump is installed in your
abdomen with a catheter that runs into a disk in your spine. The pump
slowly feeds medication to your spine which relaxes spastic muscles. I
notice a difference with it installed but not as great a difference as
I had hoped. My leg muscles feel a little more relaxed and I can stand
up better but there is not much difference in my walking. I was
wondering if anyone else has had one of these installed and what your
thoughts are.

Michael Archipley
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2 2nd June 06:43
mark probert
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Default Intrathecal Baclofen Pump

My son has one since 11/26/96 and it helped greatly. Your problem may be
dosage, since the degree of release is dose specific. My son's is
programmed to give him a bolus at around 6:00 AM every day so that he
awakens looser. He does exercises at that time which his therapist feels
is more effective since he is looser.

What is your flow rate?
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3 2nd June 06:43
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Default Intrathecal Baclofen Pump

Not sure what my flow rate is...they adjusted me a little at my last
appt and I don't have the paper on me that shows the rate. I'll get it
at my next appt. and let you know. I am very curious as to what other
peoples flow rate is in relation to mine. My dr. did say that mine was
quite a bit lower than most. Maybe I'll start a survey on my forum to
get peoples ages and flow rates. Might be good for people to look at
and get comparisons. Thanks for the idea :-) I'll get back to you as
soon as I figure out what my rate is. Thanks for the reply!

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