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1 6th April 14:50
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Default Itching and Irritation (itching ileostomy)

Hello Everyone,

I've had my ileostomy since 1993 and I'm having a problem. I can only get
about 2 days wear out of my pouches. The tape comes undone just on the left
side and I get a horrible itching and then my skin breaks out which causes

pouch won't stick at all) which seems to help for a little but then it goes
right back to the way it was.

This is getting quite costly to keep replacing pouches and wafers every 2
days. I used to be able to go for 5-7 before all this started to happen.

If anyone can give me any adivse, I'd really appreciate it.

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2 6th April 14:50
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Default Itching and Irritation

have you tried Cavilon skin barrier under your flange.

also I would start checking out other brands of pouch it seems you may
have developed an alergy or reaction to the current brand...


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3 6th April 20:56
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Default Itching and Irritation (abdomen)

Hello Susan;
I have a short ileo. approx. 1/2" and have to use the ConvaTec Molded
Convex Wafer.
You can call ConvaTec toll free 1-800-422-8811 and ask for free
I clean the skin around the stoma and COMPLETELY DRY
it then spray with 3M Cavilon no sting Skin Prep. and dry again, then
apply Turbot Skin Tac liquid adhesive
on both the skin around the stoma and the wafer and let it dry a
couple of min. to become tacky, then place the wafer over the stoma and
press it snug against the abdomen for at least another 2 min. to help
it stick.
Then I snap the 1" elastic belt into the loops on the pouch and adjust
it to be snug, but not tight, to hold
the appliance in place. I change every Sunday.
Good luck and be well,
Charles in TX

Cavilon no sting Skin Prep.

3M Corp. has just started marketing this same formula above as Nexcare
No Sting Liquid Bandage and can be purchased over the counter at
Wal-Mart Pharmacies and elsewhere for about $5.00

You may want to call toll free to the companies on the list below to
order free samples to find
an appliance that works better for you:

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4 7th April 02:00
External User
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Default Itching and Irritation

I agree with snider about all the things said. Here are some
additional hints. Sween Cream is a good skin healer and has an
adherence capability that makes an appliance stick more securely.
If you have irregularities in the surface of the skin, try Ekin
Seals. As snider said, most stomas can be improved with some
type of convexity. There are other things and procedures that
will increase change longevity. One important factor in
appliance longevity is the condition of the skin when the
appliance is applied. The skin must be dry - dry - dry. That is
why I change my appliance *before* I shower.

BTW, I change my appliance on Wednesday, but every other week.

I don't know if any of you present lurkers and posters remember
me. I was quite active in this newsgroup several years ago.

Earl -Urostomy
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5 7th April 02:00
External User
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Default Itching and Irritation

I remember you, Earl. I wondered if you were the same "Earl" when I saw a
post from you awhile back. Hope you are doing okay.

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6 7th April 06:47
External User
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Default Itching and Irritation

Yes, I bet it is me, Pat. This is my second post in quite a
while. I am doing great - am 87 years old now. Been an
urostomate since 1988. Have some time to spare now - decided to
respond to someone having trouble. How are you doing?

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7 7th April 06:47
External User
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Default Itching and Irritation

Glad to see you back on the group. I seem to remember you used to post a
list of companies or something.?? I'm doing okay. I read the ng but rarely
post. Everyone else gives such good advice, so I only post if I can really
add something no one else has said.

~~~~Pat (U & C)
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