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1 24th January 17:04
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Default JAI:L TIME (lyme disability)


We learned, in fact, I was right and
Psych Evals are not valid in CNS disease
from Brian Fallon, who just does cognitive
evals for Lyme disease.

We learned this in kourt, that the State ordered
an invalid psych eval, which I told them, 1000 times,
but also, we also learned that the State was throwing
out Petition One, because it was all nonsense,
therefore I do not need a Psych Eval, because I
committed no crimes.

So Petition Two looked the exact opposite of
my complaints to the CHRO, about Don ****son.

Therefore the State kidnapped the kids and gave them
to Don ****son, the KNOWN CHILD ABUSER, with evidence
from DCF's OWN NOTES, and did NOT give to Mr. Blumenthal
what I mailed to him. Petition Two pleaded
to submit all these do***ents to the kourt
and the evaluator. We agreed to this, because
they are about the LYME FRAUD, and other SCIENCE
and do***entation ab out Don ****son the Child
Abuser, and evidence that the DCF is INSANE, but

*** then Jessica Gauvin did not give these do***ents
to any evaluator or the kourt. ***

Gauvin is a lying sicko S***BAG, and *LIKES* to
harm CT Children and Families. She clearly
gets off on this, and is quite fuil of herself.
You'd have to see her, really. You will know I
am not exaggerating.

So, WHO is insane and WHO committed crimes
and WHO is incompetent?

The State had all of this information,
that Lyme was a brain diseaes and Psycb Evals
are not valid, since December 6, 2002.

2. 2002

They told me it was nonsense (Maureen Auger) because I

Then we all found out James Phillips totally lied
his face off about everything. As well as everyone
else. Therefore the trial was 100% new and invented
nonsense; 100% perjury.

So WHO needs a Psycb Eval? All the MORONICAL
PARTICIPANTS, but worse, my kids are with a KNOWN

I discovered I was talking to TOTAL MORONS,
when I read the DCF;s notes, and I suggest anyone
else who has any such FALSE ALLEGATIONS get theirs
also, so you can see how stupid the DCF all are,
and that I am not an exaggerating.
From: derdrittemann (
Subject: Jail threat for Kathleen ****son

View this article only
Date: 2003-10-28 09:32:01 PST

I am afraid I don't understand:

"Kathleen is refusing the evaluation on the grounds that it is
inappropriate for a psychiatrist to be called in to assess a patient
with neurological brain infection".

Why not? (If this is true,this will put Dr.F at Columbia out of
business pretty fast).

I would assume that the issue here is competency, mental and physical.
I don't follow the reasoning that seems to suggest that it somehow
makes a substantive difference what the cause of incapacity is, as it
relates to the ability to adequately care for another.

If the Court issues an order and Ms. ****son chooses NOT to comply,
then, YES, jail time is a distinct possibility. More importantly, it
would seem a direct confirmation of the complaints others have raised.

It's called civil contempt. If she refuses to comply with the
order(it's fairly customary in any case where disability is at issue),
then she will be going to jail--

--NOT BECAUSE she is being "persecuted"--but because she has refused
to comply with a valid order of a court of competent jurisdiction.
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