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1 23rd January 17:06
nancy b. email address
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Default LD bills forthcoming need attention... (lyme)

Sent: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 4:13 PM
Subject: LD bills forthcoming need attention...

[NOTE: If you forward this email to friends and/or lists, please be
considerate and delete headers and forwarding info with email addresses from
this version of the email. By sending this to yourself and adding your list
to blind carbon copy, you can further protect your friends' email addresses
from spam, etc.]

Federal Lyme Disease bills forthcoming need our attention...

Each and every voice counts!

Please circulate this to all interested parties regarding Lyme disease
legislation. We should contact our own senators/representatives and any
others we are able to, urging them to co-sponsor the appropriate bills [see
links below for details.] One is for the House, the other, the Senate.

Priority states to contact about the bills would be those with the most Lyme
disease reported, but as you can see, nearly every state has reported cases
of LD.

To identify reported cases of LD per state, see the links on this page: Please note that the CDC
states these numbers reflect only reported cases and that actual cases are
believed to be 10x greater than the no. of reported cases.

IMPORTANT: We are urged to call, mail or fax our responses. Although email
is convenient, it is often ineffective due to overfilled email boxes. (The
emails may be bounced.)

If you choose to place a phone call, ask to speak to the aide for health
care issues and ask him/her to urge their representative (or senator) to
support the appropriate bill. Also, remind them to contact Amy Forchard at
Rep. Susan Kelly's office to be added to the list of co-sponsors of the
bill. You can also remind them that a collegiate letter about the bills and
LD is available through Amy. [This is a normal part of the process of
introducing new bills that should have been sent to the reps/senators but
can be obtained from Amy.]

We need to respond within the next few weeks in order to have realistic
expectations of this passing during this legislative year.

See this link: for
time-sensitive legislative info about tentative Lyme disease bills.

To see the bills go to

To find current contact info for your representatives, click here:

Again, please respond and pass this on to anyone truly interested in
encouraging our federal government to facilitate control of Lyme disease.

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2 23rd January 17:07
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Default LD bills forthcoming need attention...


This is just the damned appropriations bill again. "Will of Congress",
my ass.

This is non-binding verbiage which has NO binding effect whatever.

WHEN is the LDF going to realize that you CANNOT legislate a change in
people's attitiudes or opinions about Lyme disease?

Are we supposed to follow whatever they say in lockstep?

Wouldn't are contributions be better spent on funding meaningful
RESEARCH than USELESS legislation?

Naive and STUPID.

Wake up and grow up.
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