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1 14th September 20:36
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Default less expensive alternatives to Androgel?

I know that I have seen this info posted before, but I have not been
able to find it by searching during the past several days. So I
appologize for asking again about something that has already been
discussed. But...

I have been using Androgel as TRT to treat low energy and low libido
and would like to continue using it. However, I recently turned 65 and
have AARP Plan J Medicare supplemental insurance which pays for half of
it. Since I have recently upped the dose to 10 gm/day the retail cost
is approaching $400/month and even with the insurance paying half of it
the cost is c. $200/mo which is unacceptable.

I asked my phamacist about an alternative. He offered 300 gm T per
month in petrolatum which is Vaseline! And totally disgusting.

Surely there must be something other than vaseline that the T can be
compounded with. What is the answer? I'm not smearing a shot glass full
of vaseline over my body every day.

What are the alternatives? It seemed as though the pharmacist was stuck
conceptually with petrolatum. I suggested KY jelly and he said that he
was unsure of how that would react with the T.

I thank you in advance for the great information I know I will receive
in response to this question. Thanks, John
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2 14th September 20:36
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Default less expensive alternatives to Androgel?

Here's three that can compound the equivalent to Anrogel's 7.5gm for less
than $40/month!

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3 14th September 20:36
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Default less expensive alternatives to Androgel?


I travel to Augusta GA to see Dr. R. Don Gambrell every 4 months to receive
20 T pellets under the skin. I live in NY but our son lives in Cary, NC so
we sleep there and visit the doctor and return in one day from there. It is
a full day driving to get home again.

The cost is about $400/visit but most of it is cared for by medicare in
Augusta. This coverage is not the same in the rest of the country so don't
expect it where you are.

I have no day to day involvement with the therapy until the next visit as
the pellets gradually dissolve over the 4 months. Pellets have been around
since the 50's but no pharmaceutical house can make big money on them so no
advertising gets done. Recently the pellets got approved by the FDA for
treating men.

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4 14th September 20:36
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Default less expensive alternatives to Androgel?

I am inclined to begine with one of the pharmacies listed by tom since
this yields a product similar in all respects to AngoGel with which I
am now familiar and comfortable. Are these products compounded with an
alcohol based gel that evaporates completely and quickly? Does the gel
come in packets? How does it come.

I tried some of the 10gm/day T in petrolatum this morning. What a mess!
This is unbelievably gross, doesn't absorb into the skin, gets on
clothing and everything else in sight. What a terrible Idea. Only
someone who had no intention of trying it himself could seriously offer
this gunk!!

I have some call and emails in to the the companies suggesteed, but any
guidance you juys can give by describing the form factor of the product
and your experience with it compared to AndroGel would be appreciated.
Please be specific when naming the product you useed and were happy
with so I have some thing to go on. The web site aren't that helpful
for first time users.

Thanks for the great info, John
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5 14th September 20:36
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Default less expensive alternatives to Androgel?


Awhile back I asked Womens Int'l Pharmacy regarding the different substances
the T is mixed into. Their reply below. (I'm going with them because of
their courtesy and patience in answering my many questions. Some other sites
never returned emails and some were downright rude. (not the ones I listed)
Like insisting to see my prescription first even though I was only asking
for prices. I guess because T is a controlled substance they're a bit
paranoid about it.)

"We can compound human-identical hormones in many different dosage forms:
cream, gel (alcohol-based), non-alcohol gel (water-based), capsule, drops,
lozenges, and suppositories. The cost for the cream versus the gel is the
same. Many male patients prefer the gel to the cream because the alcohol in
the gel seems to facilitate absorption, especially on hairier application
sites. Most of our female patients using topical compounds seem to prefer
the cream for it's moisturizing qualities. There is no major advantage to
using either cream or gel; it is more a matter of patient preference. Some
practitioners seem to have preferences for specific delivery forms based on
their own experiences with patients.

Our gel base contains ethyl alcohol, distilled water, carbopol resin, and
Neutral Testosterone. Our cream base contains about a dozen different
including isopropyl myristate." (that's an alcohol solution that helps with

My prescription is for 75mg/gm applied once per day. I asked for the gel.
Should be getting it any day now. Never tried Androgel so I can't comment on

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