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1 9th December 15:22
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD (schizophrenic)

Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD

(a reply to attorney Dirt Ritteman)

Ritteman has accused Kathleen ****son of unjustifiably using her Lyme disease
as a "defense", in the frame-up organized by those she has named in her
racketeering allegations.

In fact, Kathleen is NOT using Lyme disease as a "defense",she is just stating
a fact: that Lyme is an organic, neurological illness, and its effects should
be assessed by someone competent in that arena, not a psychiatrist, who is not
competent to assess neurological disease. (The exception to the rule is the
handful of LLMD psychiatrists, such as Drs. Fallon, Bransfield etc.. They work
in tandem with Lyme physicians and in the context of a clear recognition that
they are dealing with the neuropsychiatric effects of an ORGANIC illness.That
is very different from a psychiatrist who believes he is diagnosing something
unconnected with organic illness. )

school because they have short term memory problems, attention deficits,
concentration difficulties, due to Lyme--or whether they are a paranoid
schizophrenic. Johnny is left at school all the same…>

Well I would say it most definitely DOES make a difference. LLMDs, that is,
Lyme specialists not in the pay of Kaiser insurance, Glaxo SmithKline or other
such "benevolent" forces, and therefore free of the restrictions imposed by
them, are often able to significantly improve the health of Lyme patients, even
after several years of misdiagnosis, lack of treatment or incorrect
treatment.This means that if Johnny's mother is suffering memory deficits
secondary to Lyme, for example, she may see those deficits vanish once she gets
the right treatment.

Of course, this does not enrich commercial adoption agencies, corrupt friends
of Governor Rowland with business interests in building care homes,
etc.etc...And it does nothing at all to alleviate the pain of insurance company
major shareholders, who may lose one millionth of their annual profit harvest
if Johnny's mother receives appropriate treatment.

Of course, a million "Johnny's mothers" all receiving treatment might then
erase those profits altogether. But the million "Johnny's mothers" need not
ever have got to the point where they had advanced neurocognitive deficits, if
their disease had been recognized early and treated immediately. Sadly,the
commercial falsification of Lyme diagnostic science is such that this is
unlikely to happen for most of these women. Their local medical authorities are
likely to believe all kinds of myths, for example, that serology is the correct
way to exclude Lyme diagnosis, or even that Lyme is non-existent in their area,
thanks to the political influence of these same insurance lobbies, in tandem
with the corporations who market vaccines and test-kits. Kathleen has exposed
that fraud more openly and completely than anyone else.

But to return to the DCF frame-up of Kathleen. Kathleen is NOT Johnny's mother.
Kathleen has NOT forgotten to pick her children up from school.Those who know
her well, (along with the children's guardian ad litem), have testified to the
fact that she is a wonderful mother. The children agree, and are having
nightmares at the prospect that they would be taken away from their mom.

The allegations came from a violent ex-husband who once tried to choke their
five year old son, and a hostile sister with significant financial motives for
discrediting her. Under normal cir***stances, you would expect the DCF to throw
out such sources of "information", or treat them with suspicion at the very
least. Instead, their allegations have suddenly been elevated to the status of
gospel truth, and the man who once tried to asphyxiate her son is being offered
custody of all three children.

The psychiatrist who delivered the damaging diagnosis is not a disinterested
professional, like you are implying here, but Dr. James Phillips from Yale
University. Yale is at the heart, the very heart of the fraud scam that
Kathleen has exposed. The court was told that Kathleen has a criminal record,
when she does not, and her appeals to contact the police have been ignored. The
local police themselves, when contacting the DCF, were told there was "no open
case" against Kathleen, when she was due to appear in court just a few days
time over their allegations.

All these things are very irregular. Why are they happening?

Dirt Ritteman, you imply that I am paranoid when I say this is a deliberate
frame-up of Kathleen ****son, aimed at shutting her up and nipping her expose
of Lyme mega-fraud in the bud.

In protecting the public from further miscarriages, tumors, activation or
re-activation of Lyme as a result of the marketing of a dangerous and
fraudulent vaccine, she destroyed a multi-million pound market for the crooks
from Glaxo SmithKline, and their patent-holding allies. If the allegations
Kathleen has raised in her RICO case are upheld, many BILLIONS of profits would
be lost, political and academic careers built on dishonesty would be shattered,
but the public would be PROTECTED, and the road would be OPENED UP not just for
proper research into treatment, but also into early detection, prevention,
vector control etc.

If science was free of industry, we would not have an epidemic of suffering.

In 1993, renowned Lyme specialist Dr. Joseph Burrascano said this:

" There is a core group of university-based Lyme disease researchers and
physicians whose opinions carry a great deal of weight. Unfortunately many of
them act unscientifically and unethically. They adhere to outdated,
self-serving views and attempt to personally discredit those whose opinions
differ from their own. They exert strong ethically questionable influence on
medical journals, which enables them to publish and promote articles that are
badly flawed. They work with government agencies to bias the agenda of
consensus meetings, and have worked to exclude from these meetings and
scientific seminars those with alternate opinions. They behave this way for
reasons of personal or professional gain, and are involved in obvious conflicts
of interest…"

(Full text of speech can be found at URL )

Was he "paranoid"? Seeing imaginary conspiracies everywhere? Or was he seeing a
REAL conspiracy to pervert medicine, based on tangible financial and political
connections between industry, government officials and academia?

Dr. Burrascano was famous for his stand against the corporate fraudtsers. His
name has been built on his reputation for getting people well, not on his
connections with big corporations. And so, when the RICO players pounced on him
and tried to destroy him in a courtroom, should we have scratched our heads and

"Perhaps, Dr. Burrascano has not been cleaning his syringes properly?"

Just like you are telling us that, after all the work Kathleen has done to
protect Lyme patients and expose fraud, we should think:

"Perhaps Kathleen ****son secretly keeps her kids locked in a cupboard and
doesn't give them dinner?."

Or we can go further. "JFK was not killed for political reasons, but because he
once looked at somebody the wrong way on the New York subway."

And further still
"Abraham Lincoln was shot not because of his stand on slavery, but because he
cheated John Wilkes Booth one day in a game of cards."

Dirt Ritteman, I warn you: Kathleen is cloning herself. By this I mean that the
issues she has raised will be discussed all over the internet by a whole number
of people, many of whom have never even met Kathleen. What then? Will you say
we are ALL paranoid, ALL insane, ALL criminals?

So you say you suffer from Lyme yourself, Dirt? Sure, like that "Lyme patient"
Luger, who works for Kaiser.

The list of individuals and organizations named in Kathleen's RICO case will be
published very soon. Please examine the list, Attorney Dirt, and tell us:

Which one is your client?

Lisa Masterson
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2 9th December 15:24
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD (disability)


No, Lisa, I have never accused Kathleen as trying to use Lyme as a
defense. Again, you are not reading very carefully. I was clearly
speaking about Lyme as a general matter in disability-related

And no, I never said or implied that you were paranoid about
"witchunts"--I merely ASKED you--(I thought, reasonably)--since YOU
said it--why you thought her child custody battles with which we have
been so graciously made aware of--were in any way connected with her
Lyme advocacy activities.

You reacted to a polite question as if it were an attack. If you make
a statement--then YOU carry the "burden of proof". Why do you say
that?--shouldn't be regarded as a threat--unless, of course--the
answer isn't very clear.

I don't think you understand--at all. If "duh DCF" says that kathleen
does NOT have Lyme--then that is fabulous. Whether she does or not.
Why? Because it is an admission that she does not have a VERY
debillitating disease that could very easily cause difficulties for
her in regard to her ability to care for her kids.

Get it? The issue is capacity.

What you don't seem to understand is how outrageously offensive the
suggestion is that someone would have their children taken away from
them in this country because of what they have said about Lyme disease
actually is. This nation--by no means-- is perfect. Its judicial
system is also not exactly perfect. But if it was me--and I really
believed that--that this could actually happen in this country--or the
UK for that matter--with their storied histories of respect for
individual rights--personally, I would get the hell out.(HINT, HINT).

No one cares in the first place, hon. Damn few Ameericans have any
conception of this disease or what it's about. Of the few that
do--damn few know who she is. Of those--damn few care what she says.
Sorry--but it's true.

You know--I could have told you to contact certain people--other
Lymies--who know me, if I had wanted. But honestly, I didn't on
purpose. I wanted to just let you go--show everyone what you are
about. Thanks. Bravo. Excellent job.

I made a reference to a post that Kathleen put up over at "Spinlyme".
I think you are probably familiar with it--and know what the only way
I could have read that is.

You respect and compassion for me--my personal suffering is

Your name-calling is sophmoric and unimaginative. Chuck, at least is
funny at times.

Here, let me help you: "der dritte Mann" is, of course, German, for
"the Third Man". So,--in "Kathleen-ese"--that would be "duh turd man".

Happy now?

Glad to help.

P.S. Why on earth would ANYONE in their right mind want to jump in
here and ask questions?
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3 9th December 15:24
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD (lyme)

x-no-archive: yes

In article <>,
(Lisam01502) writes:

Where has he seemed anxious to help them, exactly? I've been reading this
whole exchange, and he's the only one who's made any logical sense and been
civil to you despite your namecalling and misrepresentations.

Count on it. If they know who she is, they're sure not worried that anyone
will take her word for anything. I'm very sad that she's risking losing her
children, which will be wrenching for both her and them. Something similar
came close to happening to me when my child was ill with undiagnosed Lyme and
I'd already been chronically illa few years, and medical folks started
fixating on me as the problem. It took a lot of self control not to play into
their hands by getting more extreme in my demands or shrill in my presentation,
but I had to, to keep my child safe.

It would take someone with established credibility and a measured presentation
on a par with theirs to do so. Someone like Brian Fallon can, for instance,
and truth will out.

Where did he do that? I think he's been reasoned and actually sympathetic. I
think he's right; her present course will cause her to lose her kids to an
unfit parent. As a parent myself, I can't imagine risking that for some highly
conspiracy theory.

Well, yeah, I for one feel a glimmer of hope that some reasoned debate (that
means without paranoid accusations and namecalling) to return to this usenet

This last really just speaks volumes.

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4 9th December 15:24
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD

It has occurred to me after I posted this (obviously a little
chafed--that someone might try to misinterpret the "hint, hint"
comment as advice that suggested that a solution to these problems is
to flee the jurisdiction. That, of course, is never a good idea.

What was intended--and I admit it was not one of my better ideas--was
if you think either the UK or the US is a place that damn awful--why
don't you just leave?

Like I said--not one of my better thoughts. Sorry, everyone.

I apologize.
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5 9th December 15:28
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD

And if you think the sun shines so brightly out of Allen Steere's ass, why
don't you vacation there?

Or maybe you do.
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6 12th December 14:32
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD (lyme)

If, by saying, "insulting Kathleen", you mean what I said about no
one caring about what she says about Lyme--I meant that in the context
of her child custody issues--and that it matters only to us, here in
our own little niche--of which 99.999% of the world is unaware.

Of course I care what she has to say.

Look Lisa--this has been fun and all--but I really need to get
going--back to my little sewer.

Ummmm--I'll call you sometime--

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7 12th December 14:33
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD (lyme)

Lis-- Don't worry about this pinhead.
We've seen this numbskulled ****yses
in the past.

Thge RICO case has already been filed.
This nitwit doesn't know enough about
anything to have an opinion and we all
know it.

Ya gotta get used to these men out here in
Lyme land who can't stand intelligent women.

We're plenty used to it.

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8 14th December 12:37
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD

Fine. If it has already been filed--then it is a public do***ent with
a case number--and you undoubtedly have a copy.

Where was it filed. When? What's the case number?
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9 14th December 12:37
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD

I don't have a problem at all with intelligent women. I have a problem
with you two.

I married one--she owns her own law firm.

This is pretty ***ist, chauvinist stuff Kathleen--is this what you
consider leadership?
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10 14th December 12:37
External User
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Default Lyme , Paranoia and FRAUD

Yes, well, I am not be exactly a knight in shining armor--

--but one thing you CAN say about me that is definitely different from
any other man you have ever met, Lisa--

--I needed antibiotics BEFORE I met you.
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