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1 28th March 16:51
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Default mbti personality typology (personality psychology)

Just wondering if any of you people on hear are into (or know something
about) MBTI (stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator), or the Jung
personality psychology thing, which is almost the same, but with a bit
more detail.

I'm categorised as an INTP.

Learning a bit about this stuff has helped me understand a few things
about myself, and behaviour of others, which actually helps me feel a
little more comfortable in some social situations and when meeting new

Being an INTP means I'm quite an ****ytical person, and this is a reason
why having ways of ****ysing people, and understanding their behaviour
helps me be that bit more at ease when interacting with people.

So is anyone else here into this? and do you know what type you are?

I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few INTPs on here.
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