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1 5th July 22:46
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Default Mothers on Meds.... (psychiatric allergy allergies down abortion)

Damn, bobb. you are NOT babbling this time. You are NOT foisting your
sick biases on others. You have identified an actual real problem.

The problem though is exacerbated by not giving small children the
the****utic resources....adequately to address very real mental health
issues for them. My wildest guess (from years of working with children
in mental health settings, and with their families) is that a tiny, a
very miniscule number of pre six year old children have a psychiatric
(that is neurological) condition, genetic or trauma caused, that could
benefit by the Rx of psychotropic meds.

I have faced down both teachers and pediatricians and pediat. nurses
in debate on this in lecture halls. The first time I told a class that
teachers were prescribing psychotropics to children it damn near
caused me lynching. They got smarter when I explained how teachers
were refusing to teach children with behavior problems unless they
were medicated.

The the fingers went ot the temple and a collective
"hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm" was heard (thanks Arsenio).

And since then, 1994 that was that I first said that, it seems others
are waking up to the problem while still others are making it worse.
This is the result of the big lie technique used in this instance as
Doug is using it in this forum on other issues. CPS doesn't need the
type of fixing he claims (nor the other social scientist claim for
that matter), nor do children need psychiatric fixing at the rate
being foisted on them by teachers, doctors, and PARENTS.

Some investigation supports your intuition with more than guessing.
You'll find this a most interesting website as it backs some of your
more "interesting" biases...that may in fact have some basis.

At least it really is thought provoking.

Not in the least making fun of you, as I so often do and you deserve,
this has been known for a very long time but kind of ignored outside
mental health treatment and child and family welfare and drug
treatment centers.

Even alcohol can rapidly destroy the not only the capacity to parent,
but the desire to. Many children removed for "risk" that Doug doesn't
thik should happen are in just such cir***stances. The mother has a
fit but not because she is attached, as she thinks, but from the
lizard center of our brain that simply reacts to something
drasticallyy changing. From that old "imprinting" that took place at

Knowledgeable child welfare workers and social scientists that are not
bullshit filled political hacks, know that the basic animal instict,
though battered CAN be fired up again with the threat of loss....HENCE CAPTA AND ASFA.

You could be, but there is no research on the under 6 to varify ANY
effects. I don't care for "side" being used descriptively. It is all
"effects" and should be weighed that way in making Dx and Rx decisions.

Any of the corto steroids is suspect. Certainly a psychotropic should
be look at for that. Ritalin is a STIMULANT, not a depressant...but
when used with hyperactives it SOMETIMES has an opposite effect. In
fact a lot of the early tranquilizers had similar unpredictable
reactions. When I worked with horses it was a common phenomena and
more than one vet got pawed by a front foot or kicked or bitten while
treating a horse that had a reverse reactions. I know, I was hanging
on their heads to get them under control. I'm an ear biter from the
old Amerind school when a horse goes crazy. And I was strong enough
them to hang on by their upper lip....honest. That IS how a horse is
restrained most effectively. Look up the word, "Twitch." I still own
one. Don't use it though. No horses any more.

Well, enough to be part of nearly every nation's legends and even
Shakespeare...look up Hamlet.

And the Greek plays.

Mmmmm...I'd weight that provocation thing a bit if I were you. WE may
not agree there was sufficient provocation but until we are in someone
else's shows it's not nice to blame like that. Never been upset with a
kid? A spouse, your parents?

Infantacide has been practiced for a very long time, and so has fratricide.

Most people think that most of it is selfish abandonment, but it still
is predomitately poverty, with a soupcon of drug and alcohol use
thrown in .

As for the are wrong. There were huge orphanages in this
country at one time. Those were abandoned children. "The Ciderhouse
Rules" was barely fiction and I understand based on a real doctor and
a real abortion clinic and a real orphanage full of orphans, when the
girls showed up too late to abort safely. .

Prior to that churches, commonly the Catholic church, and especially
nuneries, had special rotating boxes set in the wall for girls to
leave their babies, then ring the bell. Sort of like the no fault in
some state where a girl can leave a new baby at a hospital no
questions asked.

And I do not recall a shortage, in the early fifties, of **** girls
"going off to visit relatives" for half a year or so.

How dare you demean yourself in this way? Don't let the slick talkin'
Dougs of the world convince you, with their book smarts and language
skill, fool you into believing any such thing. You are twice the man
he is. Easily.

He doesn't want to think, and you do. It's just that simple.

You wouldn't keep posting back at me if you didn't.

Yep. And there is. Now's the time to start finding out what. It's out
there and you are as capable as anyone in finding out. Just don't
assume opinions are facts.

Don't let the answers be beyond your abilities. Ask
questions....THEN....unlike Doug's advice, FOLLOW UP YOURSELF.

Doug patronized you very nicely not long ago. He made it a point to
say in a reply to me, knowing you would read it of course, "bobb
thinks for himself."

bobb, I'm not a patronizing little snake like Doug. I'll tell you
right out two things I believe about you, one bad news the other good.

You do not know how to think for yourself yet. I can tell by who you
quote, and who you follow here. And I'm straight enough with you to
say it right out.

The good news? You want to. And that and that alone is all you need.
And it's far more than Doug or his hyenas have going for them. NONE of
them THINK, Doug least of all. He's a clever Hans. A trick pony, very
good at finding just the right words to sell his agenda.

People like Doug, The Plant, the couch croucher, feed off those with
strong opinions but a lack of ability to think for themselves, really
do the hard work that is "thinking." They either catch them
vulnerable, like a few who have come here in trouble with CPS, or
those such as you.

Lots of people think they think, but few actually do it. The product
of thinking isn't creating more of what you already believe, but
learning to create something new that you never believed before.
I modestly can say <blush> that that IS what I've done most of my
life. Listen to hard things to hear, think hard about them and seek
the facts. And have my mind changed.

It sometimes took me a very long time to get to the facts and to the
changing of my mind....and I still haven't stopped.

Who knows, maybe you can convince me, with enough evidence, that
blacks are criminal, stupid, and lazy by nature, and mexicans want to
destroy the US and take what you have.

I'm always open to the facts.

And I keep assuming that I see you trying to figure out how to think,
but falling back into the syncophant easy way out. You hate me. I can
tell. Good. It means you are thinking. You kiss up to Doug. Bad. I
shows you are NOT thinking.

So instead of taking strokes from him, take him at his word, but don't
let HIM do your research for you. DO IT YOURSELF, NOT JUST ON WHAT I
SAY BUT ON WHAT HE SAYS. And when he posts data, go there, read it,
all of it, then start cruising the OTHER PAGES IN THE REPORTS FOR
MORE. That's why you think I bring up unrelated, non-correlated
issues. ...because you don't read enough of the report to find where I
found Doug was lying.

If you start really doing the hard work of thinking.......

.......we can assume I am right about you....that you really do wish to
THINK for yourself.

If you aren't skilled at using search engines ask me. IN fact it is
extremely simple.

Just ask yourself the question you want an answer too. Take out all
the "ands" "ifs" and other short connecting words, and key what is
left in the search field of google, and tap that enter key.

Then read read read.

Here's an example, do not type in the quotes: "+suicide +children

The "+" sign ensures the word it's attached to appears in the results
sent back to you.

Here's how it looks in the URL (addy) field

That's how I know there is not much research on children under six.
Not because YOU said so, but because I proved it to least
available on line.

But there is some research on children, maybe other ages.

I wrote, "+child +six +under +psychotropics +suicide +mental
+illness" and got 280 hits.

Actually GMA veggies, and especially corn, are suspect in allergies
and who knows what. It's worth it to google the subject. Lots of
fruitcake stuff too though. It will take some time sorting this all

My own personal take on GMA?

It is to us as lead was to the Roman Empire.

But then I developed an allergy to Corn a few years after virtually
all corn grown in the US was genetically modified. We'll see if my
personal bias turns out to be true.

In the meantime I keep looking for things that DO NOT VARIFY MY BIAS,
BUT things that challenge my bias. Ask someone you trust to tell you
the characteristics of real thinking, not the platitudinous head
patting Doug did to you, the skunk.

I'll give you a start. When you read or hear something that agrees
with you and feels real good, know that you are NOT thinking or
anywere near it, and the person doing it to you, if well trained,
KNOWS that and is taking advantage of you.

If you read or hear something that disagrees with you and makes you
uncomfortable, THAT'S are on the cusp of a thought, real
thinking...if you follow up.

Don't be a ****er. Those who goad you are valuabl, even if, because they are opponents.

Those that stroke you are after something more and different than
getting you to think.

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