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1 14th March 06:42
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Default new to group (exercise)

I am new to this group. I have been to the sleep lab twice, once
without CPAP and the second night with CPAP. I have a copy of the
first night report, I have not recieved the report for the second
night. I should get the second report next week. The technician said
the CPAP helped me.

If I had been aware of all the masks available when I went in for the
second night with the CPAP, I would have made a note of the mask I
used. I experienced leaking near my eyes with a nasal mask. Based on
some further research, I am leaning towards a CPAP PRO, Breeze™
SleepGear of Innomed Nasal-Aire. I realize that the choice depends on
your physical features and tolerance levels.

I was wondering if there is a reliability index or rating similar to
what Consumer Reports provides for CPAP units. I am also interested
in a smaller unit that would be suitable for taking on trips.

Here are the results from my first night withwout CPAP.

IV. Polysomnographic Results
The Sleep Study was performed using Comprehensive Polysomnography (CPT
95810). The patient's sleep was disturbed with clinically significant
sleep disordered breathing. The patient had an apnea/hypopnea index of
42.6. There were 22 apneas and 225 bypopneas. These events were 95.5%
obstructive events and 4.5% mixed events. The average duration of the
events was 20.7 seconds, and the longest was 38.6 seconds.

The sleep latency was 14.7 minutes and the sleep efficiency was 78.4%.

The sleep architecture was significant for fragmentation with a
decrease In the amount of stage 3,4 and REM sleep and an increase in
the amount of stage awake. The sleep stage distribution was as
Stage Awake 20.8%, Stage 1 0.2%, Stage 2 63.5%, Stage 3/4 3.2% Stage
REM 11.5%.
(Normative values: Stage 1 2-7%, Stage 2 45-65%, Stage 3/4 10-15%,
Stage REM 15-20%).

The baseline oxygen saturation was 95.6% with a low Sa02 of 83.0%.

The average heart rate was 53.7 8PM with a minimum heart rate of 40.0
and a maximum bean rate of 90.0.

There were 46 episodes of PLMS (Periodic Limb Movement during Sleep)
with an index of 7.9.

There were 333 arousals and microarousals from sleep and 38

Mild snoring was heard during the night

TOTAL STUDY TIME: 7.4 hours, TOTAL SLEEP TIME: 5.8 hours

Severe Obstructive, Sleep Apnea/hypopnea Syndrome [more prominent
supine position and REM sleep; (REM on supine RDI=84.0) (TOTAL
RDI=42.6) with
Hypoxemla (Low Sat-83.0%). (ICD 780.53-0)

•Second night sleep study with Nasal CPAP titration.
•ENT evaluation for surgically correctible upper airway obstruction,
if clinically indicated or to rule out polyps, masses and
•Weight reduction is recommended to ideal body weight
•Avoid taking alcohol, sedatives a few hours prior to sleep.
•Exercise good sleep hygiene.
•Avoid sleeping in supine position, unless using CPAP.
•The patient should be aware that excessive daytime sleepiness could
pose a danger while driving and should use caution until these
symptoms are treated.

I know I've placed a lot of info and asked for a lot of information.

Any input would be welcome, I've read through some of the posts and
realize this group has a lot of knowledge and experience.

There was an article about sleep apnea in the Houston Chronicle this
morning which covered the basics as well. I've included the URL
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