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1 14th May 12:34
bob palermo
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Default Nexium / Neksium


I've posted before about my on again , off again bouts with GERD. I've been
having problems again.

The medication that works best for me is Nexium. Since my provider doesn't
cover it, I've been getting it from a Canadian online pharmacy (with my
doctor's knowledge and approval). This pharmacy is recognized by the state
of Minnesota as one of their approved Canadian pharmacies. The first batches
I got, were called Nexium, "blister tablets". They were manufactured in
Turkey and shipped through Switzerland. They have the AstraZeneca name on
them. The last batch I got are named Neksium, and are tablets (looking
similar but a little different than the "blister tablets"). They are
manufactured in India by Glenmark Generics Ltd, and also has the AstraZeneca
name on it. Their strength is the same (40 mg esomeprazole). One thing I
don't like is that it says "For sale in India and Nepal only" on the box.

Are any of you familiar with this (Neksium)?

Neither is the purple pill (capsule).

I must say that GERD is nasty. I've gone long stretches without it, but
when I get it for a couple of weeks and it's misery again. It's been on
again for about 3 months, with a couple of good weeks mixed in.

Soon I'll be posting with questions and discussion about possible other
approaches. I've heard of the "stretta" radiofrequency treatment to the LES,
and also the "plicator" LES staple/pleating system. These seemed promising
when they were introduced but there's little recent news about them. I'll
see if I can find more info.

Best wishes to all.

Bob P.
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2 14th May 19:15
h mccollister
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Default Nexium / Neksium (fundoplication)

Stretta has been off the market for about 2 years. The NDO Plicator is
circling the drain. Esophyx is still struggling for recognition. It's
interesting technology, with wider application in NOTES than just
fundoplication. It will likely be years before we know whether or not
Esophyx works well for GERD, and likely just as long before insurance
companies agree to pay for it.

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