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1 9th April 03:56
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Default No more popcorn? (colostomy)

I have had my colostomy for a 1 1/2 months. I have had no problems with
it. While I was in the hospital, a nutritionist told me I should never eat
popcorn because it can get caught in the stoma, due to the kernals. Does
anyone with a colostomy eat popcorn? Watching a good movie without the
popcorn just wouldn't be the same.


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2 9th April 03:56
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Default No more popcorn? (colostomy)

Jim schreef:

Hi Jim,
I have my colostomy for a little more than 5 years and I regularly eat
popcorn. These kernals could pass your intestines before you had a
ostomy, so why not now?
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3 9th April 03:56
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Default No more popcorn? (colostomy down ileostomy)

On 5 Jun 2006 11:25:55 -0700, ""

I have had an Ileostomy from 1998 & I was told the same thing by the
ostomy nurse, no popcorn, it will plug you up. Then I read on the
News Group that popcorn was OK if you washed it down with Tomato
Juice!! Yuck!!! I love popcorn but have stayed away from it for fear
of a blockage. My question, I guess, is there much difference between
a colostomy & a ileostomy when it comes to popcorn??
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4 9th April 03:56
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Default No more popcorn? (colostomy)

hi jim
I was also told not to eat popcorn, by my nurse.
I have had my colostomy for about 1
and a half years,
I eat popcorn on a daily at times, or at least 3 or 4 times a week.
the only problem i have is the knurls coming out when i irrigate,but so
does some of my other food i eat, oh by the way i was also told not to
eat nuts,but i do that 2 with no problem so far.
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5 9th April 03:57
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Default No more popcorn? (colon)

I've had an ileo for just over two years now. There are two items about

1) Without a colon, there's no nutritional value; you might as well eat
styrofoam -- but, since popcorn is just a delivery mechanism for butter
and salt . . .

2) Chew it well if you eat it -- whatever you swallow is about what you'll
get out.

The real issue is the blockage possibility, caused by that sharp turn
where the stoma leaves the inner sanctum and penetrates the skin. Chew
well, don't swallow husks if you can avoid them, and popcorn is OK. (I
checked with my ET nurse earlier this year).

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6 9th April 08:45
ron gould
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Default No more popcorn? (down ileostomy)

I've had my ileostomy for 10 years and I routinely eat a full sized
microwave size bag of popcorn.
I have about 3 glasses of cola with it, so it flushes through easily and
doesn't become a "clump".
If I don't have that much cola I have had blockages.
No problem at all for me, and the kernels come out in my ostomy pouch.
Try it gingerly and a bit more at each time, so you determine how it works
for you.

I do have an address for a hullless popcorn, I bought some and microwaved it
for an ostomy meeting.
Its a hullless Japanese popcorn being grown and sold out of (Idaho?).
If any one is interested, e-mail me on this group or directly. I have
nothing to do with the company (farm).
My e-mail address may be down for awhile, as I am switching over to a cable
company for my computer.
Does anyone know if (how) I can get the newsguy newsgroups on a cable
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