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1 1st July 18:41
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Default Of relativity of insanity (cough otitis encephalitis personality sinusitis)

Might as well laugh at it.

Saw the ENT again today, if I had already told my dr I felt odds were it
was a waste of time, as he is so pedant and arrogant and complexed that he
is no longer humane nor healthy to be around.
But just in case and sicne the new one I was refered to has not even
acknowledged receiving the request yet, I went to see him for the alst
appointment that was already scheduled.

Big waste of time.
First, he was aware of the fact that there is now a brain infection most
likely due to an otitis and sinusitis that were left neglected by drs,
including him, after an April diagnostic to that effect by the local
hospital emergency.
Second, he prescribes me a medication that I checked carefully with the
pahrmacist to be sure it woudl not cause any bad side effects that coudl
worsen the brain infection, arythmy and so on, and that woudl NOT irritate
the stomach. The med was supposed to exactly help alleaviate digestive
acids and so on. I had mentioend to that specialist as well that the
antibios he prescrbed for 3.5 months gave such a bad diarhea that I was
tryign to recuperate from it astill months later, so to pelase not prescribe
anythign giving diarhea anymore.

The phramacist got the list of side effects out. Main ones?
Encephalees/encephalitis, and...diarhea. On the side: brain
lesions; arythmya, cardiac arrest,
cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and vascular serious problems...list was
scary, so much it came back to danger to brain and heart and stomach.
Had he aimed at a dangerous med for me, he coudl not have picked better
Thank God I checked it not trusting him one lousy bit

That, from the very dr that todl me that sicne he coudl see nothing wrogn
with me "though my saliva is too thick and rare in my throat, my ears have
pressure, my throat makes spasms and a sinusitis got me at the emergency
that refered me to him, and for a cyst in the sinusitis, and if the nose
and throat show irritation and inflammation" -that sicne he
saw nothign wrong besides that (!!!) it was all in my head and maybe I
needed a psy. Asked him if he was a psychologist or psychiatrist. He said
he was (bshit). Todl him there was some mistake, it was an ENT I was
referred to;-). Asked him if he knew those words coudl be reported to
the order of drs about his pseudo-psychiatrist credentials. Then added I was a
therapist myself. And that what the neurologist diagnosed right now was
soemthign wrogn with the brain, not with the psyche, where a brain
infection is not a psychological thing anymore than a sinusitis that caused
it for an ENT not beign able to see it whne a gp at the hospital had, and
when scans and xrays proved it too.

Promised him this "You put one word of a diagnoistic you are not even
legally abilitated to make, and I swear to God you will have that
complaint filed against you. And btw, thanks for letting me know my gp did
not do her job. I was wonderign about that. The forst thing I asked her
on March 9th was to have my file from the two local hospitals cleaned, as
a dr from this very hospital said I shoudl ask that after he saw he had
treated me like a mental case biasing his opinion thanks to medical stuff
in my file that was in the wrogn file and did NOT belong to me (sic). I
take it you did the same miostake, cause my gp did not do her job either,
At that ention, his face dropped, like one thinking "Oh sh*t....Wrong docs
in the file!!".

That much for that ENT *and* that gp. I already filed a complaint against
my gp the last
time for how she lost all tests I spend my working week doing for nothing
and how she had never refered me to anyone despite the diagnostic of
graves and the emergency to see the endocrinologit and many other
specialists, after 4 months of weekly requests and being told she had done
so, only to find out she never had the next time around.
I already had an appointment with her today, but it was postponed to Sat. That
day she
better answer me about that dang file cleaning and do it, or she will see a
complaint in her file, put there not only by me but by another dr if I must.
Ontario is NOT that far away, nah!
Had it with imbeciles that lose everything (who has the brain infection
after all, them or me??? Pfft) and that prescribe stuff
that could kill me, and that then think themself abilitated to make such
Beign a therapist, I can say that &*^*& ENT is wacko with hatred for women
(specially non stupid and tall ones, eh). Mysogynist, and complexed with hs
height like I never saw anyone else
be before, and god knows I saw many of that kind. Way over the edge that
one is. Oh yeah, he also said I never had any facial swelling nor
sinusitis, when the hospital emergency report that demanded he saw me asap,
urgently, not only said so, but proved with xrays and scans. Cyst
included on the right side, swelling fo the sinuses on the other and
facila swelling still after then 2.5 months of oral antipbios and one week
of intraveinous. Which he now decides to claim I never hqad, while he had
insisted I woudl add one more month of antibios, prescrivbing them to me
himself, in the past, *for the sinusitis* (sic). They all insane or
what??? Gawd, how hard is it to stop a friggen dry cough in this country???

I thought I had already met all the imbecile medical creeps of this
world...Apparently, there was one left;-).

Needless to say he is off the list, if my gp already knew I only went by
good will, as I most definitely never was impressed with his manners,
rudeness, lack of professionalism, lack of competence, flat impoliteness and
incredibly out of line comments about my health, my person, personality, etc.

He is an *ear nose throat* specialist: he shoudl try and do HIS job rather
than think himself a shrink.
When I todl him I coughed so much that I was sent to work at the other end
of the floor, poeple complaining of the annoying coygh at work, he decided
to declare that they "maybe had isolated me for another reason, like
mental illness". Oh sigh. I wish we could sue these sobs.

Thank God, I am not "crasy enough" to have taken his prescription without
checking on what it is and what it does and what counter-indications there
are. The pharmacist recommended my gp changed the prescription for another
that is milder on the *headaches* secondary effect, but that yet he
recommends be
taken at the hospital under medical supervision in case of bad effects
still (occurence was rarer only for the headaches, all the rest was the
sane bad news a la "touch and risk life as you knew it/death".

Thank God he is ""not"" insane: lord knows what he would have given me to
take then!!!;-)

I am keeping the rpescription of proof of negligence, for the darn record,
and the sheets the pharmacist gave me that showed the danger of taking
this prescription in my case. Sigh and argh.


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2 1st July 18:41
eerie rodent of unusual size & typing ability
External User
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Default Of relativity of insanity (down)

Thing is, every med has a side effect of some sort, and if someone dies
while taking Drug X, I suspect it winds up in the handbook, whether the drug
was related to the death or not...that's what one of my neurologists told
me, at least. I had an experience of severe sinus pain, but by the time I
actually saw an ENT, he said he couldn't see anything, even though I was
still having some mild pain. Apparently the antibiotics had brought down
the swelling sufficiently to make it invisible on a CAT scan; from what I've
read lately about surgeries for sinuses, it's basically a last option, and
one that doesn't really work too well, unless they become completely
occluded it's better not to do it at all.
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3 1st July 18:42
External User
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Default Of relativity of insanity (cough aspirin psychiatric itch down)

"Eerie Rodent of Unusual Size & Typing Ability" ( writes:

The contrary is more like it: given the money in he drugs market, it
takes many mnay cases of death due to x reaction to y medication before
they even write one down as a possible "side effect".
This being said, the older the medication, the more side effects will get
known in time. The list of side effects can be at times staggering,
granted: take penicillin: I think it is the one with the longest list of
side effects I ever happened to check. It was somethign like 5 pages just
for the *list* in a medication "bible".
Some yet have much fewer "listed" side effects that are yet way worse.
Until recently., a product contained in most cough syrups, cough drops,
sinus medication, etc, contained soemthign that was finally proven to
cause strokes, after a long time of many patients or ex patients' widows
complained about it: their loved one never had had any signs of any
strokes, and their death could not be exaplined to any other stroke cause.
However, they managed to declare the med inoffensive and having nothign to
do with strokes *because old poeple can do strokes, where they then woudl
put it on that account. Until younger widows took action, their deceased
loved one having been ...12, 15, 25, or 32, etc (sic). They then no longer
coudl make it pass as "unrelated". Joy of joys, that very medication it
contained (and that was taken out of all the mentioend things and many
more other medication in the last years, as the gvts recalled all the
products containing it and ordered the sales banned until all woudl be
removed), was the major component of a beta blocker I was prescribed for
Graves disease, to try and slow down the ehart rate. Thank God, I always
felt worse taking it and fast dropped it. I never finished one
prescription. Does not make it so one can call themself "clear" of
troubles related to it, but certainly reduces the risk or "exposure" to
the "cause" of potential strokes.
As well, I never foudn aspirin did me good. Tylenols only. I recently read
that in the case of brain traumas and abcesses, i.e. intra cranial
pressure stuff, aspirin was a nono as liquifying the blood, it can make
the pressure much worse. Was not so off then when I found it did NOT
alleviate the headaches, but made them worse, in my case.
It then is not only what a medication has for side effects, but what it
can help and what it can make worse. If the choice is between ridding of a
cough and risking to suffer permanent brain dammage, I think I will stick
with the cough, heh.
This being said, I will ask my gp to contact the nbeurologist and ask him
what he thinks of that med in my case, and if I have any feeling she is
tellign me rubbish for having fogotten to call him and ask him, I will
call him myself. If no answer seems logical to me, or if all I get is
pat-o-pats and mumbles, they can take it themself, I;d skip.
Only if someoen shows me some clear reason making the risk be not only
lower than the risk of what it is supposed to help, but also the risk not
being of permanent brain dammage (we are not talkign big toe infection
here, eh, where oen can opt to risk a toe, but where thinkign of risking
one's brain is as silly as opting for "half-decapitation" to no longer
feel the throat;-)) will I consider any such thing.

I had an experience of severe sinus pain, but by the time I

That ENT saw me motnhs after, and yet SAW the sinusitis not only in scans
taken by the hospital, but at the exam. He saw the swollen face, if it was
way less than before. Yet he does not rememebr from one appointment to the
next, not taking proper notes. Eg: the last time he noticed about the
saliva in my throat being near absent, dry dry and inflammed throat.
This time he said he never saw such a thing in my case at all. During the
exam today, he inserted a long wire with apparently a camera at the end of
it in my nostrils. He coudl insert it in the left one, but said himself
before he tried he coudl not insert it as deep in the right one. However,
he could not get into the right one far enough to see anything, as it hit
the cyst (painful too) and blocked the way. The secodn I move, I have to
breath with my mouth opened, else I can not breath "enough". Makes my
throat dry and irritated too, adds to it all...Tons of mucus will fall all
at once on the left side only: my right side never even requires I blow my
nose, so completely blocked it is. I have constant p[ost nasal drip, call
it post nasal blobs. Yet he says "f there was any" that coudl explain it
all. He denies I have any no matter hat I tell him and if it happens
before his friggen face.
From day oen that man affirmed my ears did NOT itch. I told him then he
surely knew more about ears nose and throat than I ever would. Save for
oen thing. Only *I* coudl say how my ears felt, and if they itched or not.
That, after he was already supremely arrogant from the start, agressive,
and truely so arrogant that one day some man will give him a nose job. Saw
it happen with another dr before, that soem guy punched just before I
coudl walk in. I was glad he ahd after I saw how that dr was.
That oen was a gp that posed as an endocrinologist, I later learned. No
wonder he coudl not explain to me why, while he said my thyroid was
normal, he wanted to remove it....Askign him why, tilted at such a
decalration as he had had, he ahd gotten upset and nasty at me, up to my
requirign my then boyfriend to coem to the second visit with me. The then
bfriend woudl confirm he was a total jerk.
This province has a shortage of drs that all tire of medicare after they
used it and abused it so much that medicare put limits on them. Reasonable
oens they donlt want to deal with, as they were too spoiled. They then all
move to the states (all my apologies for this!;-)), where the oens
remaining are those that woudl not apss any test, it sure seems. More:
they know they are so few and in such demand that even 30 billion
complaints against them woudl still never get them barred off the roder of
drs. They simply act with total impunity and become the biggest power
trip as***les in the universe.
The good oens are just overloaded ands can no longer do proper follow ups,
take proper notes, nor do a proper exam. I see my gp since March 9th many
times a month in some months, a few in others. Never once did I have a
general exam yet (sic). She wants to see me Sat to check my lungs again,
and my throat again, if she has seen them many tiems already without
anythign she coudl ever do to help at all. Save send me topass tests that
were systematically LOST, apparently by the hospital various labs.
Possible too as the workers there make union pressure for dpoing most of
drs jobs and having had it with shifts and poor pay. They are also
understaff, all of them going to Ontario where it pays double (sic),
unless again they would not even pass the basic tests.
Stopped at my gp's officetoday to pick up more tests to do, as in a third
blood test, the previous oens having been lost (sic!). The
nurse-receptionist was tellign me herself how bad medicare was since a few
years. You coudl not get anyone with the medical staff to admit to that
not long ago, where yet they now start saying it themself.

In the meantime, the neurologists' test for next week say "Syncopes?
(English?) with a question mark, and Apnea, with a question mark.
Nothign about mental illness, as that woudl pertain to a psychiatrist.
A brain infection is not a mental illness, if it certainly can lead to
brain dammage that is still not psychiatric. Brain dammage is not psyche
dammage. Though it can get to eb that after dammages woudl affect brain
parts needed to have a self id, for instance, and a lot of other things.

There are healthy sane ways oen reacts with a brain infection that are
just sane and normal. One has a big toe infection and does not walk the
same way as usual. yet one shoudl feel the same old self as usual with a
brain abcess and intra cranial pressure? Nope. I fee;l dead exausted.
Soemtimes I;d swear there is mucus ON my brain. Molasses seems not thick
enough an image, neither does fog, cause I can physically feel it.
Odds so far are it is pus from the abcess that occasionally leaks. Lovely,
is it not? And all that cause in 13 years, not one fo them &^%^& could do
nothing of their *&^ job.

This morning, I woke up to the radio news: they were sayign they now will
make available on the internet the list of patients waiting for surgery.
(Sic). Nice medical confidentiality, that. Really, they must have thought
very hard before comign up with that one. Not to mention the troubles it
can give some with insurances, work, etc, etc.
But they call the patients sick....
They should start calling them IMpatients.
The way things are, soemthign will have to give way. Poeple have it up to
I was todl that the sequel of Declien Of The American Empire, btw, shwoed
how our medicare really is inefficient and a real messy bad joke.
I dont feel like watchign it, right now;-), but perhaps, if it truely
depicts it as it is, it woudl give you soem idea of the horror it is.

Anyway. Need to think of trying to go back to sleep. Woke up gasping of
cours,e my throat sticking "together" and sending me into gasping choking

It IS less bad than ebfore lately....I am crossign my fingers it heals on
its own, so that I never have to waste my time with those morons. The
public has very little sympathy for them after they had absolutely none
for the patients the alst two anda half decades. Death to medicare systems!
Long live GOOD drs.

And btw, the back of my right nostril still hurts where the wire coudl not
go frther if that idiot yet kept pushing on it as if it coudl pass,
against all evidence of scans and physical resistance.
That ENT will only have created more inflammation and swelling.

Trust me: I'd be grateful for the slighest medical *attempt* even at
improvement. I am eager to see any.
I just have not seen one thign they ever did for me. Not one.

I will go on ith the tests that were already schedulesd or planned. The
rest can go to hell where it belongs, and after those, theyc an all go on
with their racket on someone else's medicard, and count me out of their
rotten business.

May God make that ENT live whatever he needs to understand what people can
feel, to then treat them as they should be. If it an achgieve that, it
woudl be Good.
I so wish it for us all, nah!


"Eleonore Beaudoin" <bc461@FreeNet.Carleton.CA>

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4 1st July 18:42
External User
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Default Of relativity of insanity (down choking throat)

Glad what you had went away without any dr's "help" or nuisance.

Right now, my right nostril and sinus is inflammed and irritated, and
hurts due to the ent pushing a wire in my nose even if he knew from the
scan there was a cust blickign it, even if I said it hurt, and even if
reality showed a physical resistance makign it impossibel for him to puch
the wire any further. Result of a missed half day of work? Worse than when
I got there.

Better get abck to sleep, after I woke up gasping and coughing once more.
Maybe I can sleep another half hour after I choke again just putting my
head down on the pillow. I choke each time I lay down, on top fo the
choking when sittign and standing here and there randomly each day.

Thank God I have friggen nothing though, and it is all "in my head".
Last I heard, my inner ears WERE in my head, doh! Mppft

Nah. The guy si just an as***le, and has the reputation of oen already:
each person I talekd to that saw him before said they never even got to
enter his office, after seing how he was walkign them there or "greeting"
them (sic!).

Again, I had already told my gp to ditch that one and find me a new one,
when eh called within the hour after to give me the urgent appointment the
hospital had requested from him....April 27 (sic). I tehn called my gp to
say so and said to go on with the request for a different oen where I
woudl try him again in the meantime just in case, by good will, in case he'd
act normal that time. He did not and never did on the three tiems I saw him.
If that does not convince you: "Christine" from the hospital emergency
called me at work and left messages way back after sayign she tried and
tried and tried to make him understand they requested for him to see me
URGENTLY, where she called me to say that "she tried all she could, but
hung up as she was about to jump at their throat on the phone",
adding she never in her life saw anyone be that bad willed and bad disposed.

The guy is a certified arrogant narcistic as***le. Period.
The hospital only refered me to him cause he was supposed to be on gard
that weekend at the hospital emergency and yet never answered any page nor
call from them, when they tried to have him see me immediately, where they
figured he shoudl work to earn his money. "Crhistine" then had called his
office after I had as I was told to, to be todl he did not do
emergencies, and that he refused and woudl go on refusing the hospital
fax and any fax at all, as well as calls. We were left wonderign how on
earth anyone could ever be referred to him, heh.
My gp sent four or five more requests, insisting. Only one of them came
up, a few weeks before the April 27 emergency request finally landed on
his desk, said he. Both times were a waste of time completely. The time in
between was a mistake of his, giving me an apppointment at his second
office, then telling me to insetad seer him again that the other hospital,
whgere he ahd left my scan and file (sic). That tiem though he ahd noticed
how dry my throat was and had talked about possible a saliva gland beign
partially or totally blocked. Tis time, he did not remember that: that was
in his notes at the...secpnd office, heh.
I think I will demand a gp that ahs only ONE office/clinic, and that any
medical person I am refered to has only one darn filing cabinet, wehre
they can keep only what si mine in MY file, nah.
Oh, and btw, I see my gp at HER second office Saturday. Wanna bet she will
not have a clue what she is talking about fr not havign brought the file
with her??



"Eerie Rodent of Unusual Size & Typing Ability" ( writes:

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5 1st July 18:43
External User
Posts: 1
Default Of relativity of insanity

"otorrino" = Ear, Nose and Throat specialist
"ornitorrinco" = duck-billed platypus

at least I think it's that way round. I could never remember, always
used to somehow pick the wrong one whenever I went to hospital.

Hard being a Furriner.
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6 1st July 18:43
External User
Posts: 1
Default Of relativity of insanity

OB ( writes:

Yes, from otto that means eight, and rino, that means rhine stones, and
la ringo, which means "tamed wild dog-hyena cross" -or "Beatle's wife",
depending on the mid set and on the area of the globe the said mind set
was unset.

Not to be mixed with "Out, Oh, Lary 'n' logogists (cuccaracha tchix tchix),
which is the scientific name irrevocably expelling demons from those who
drool pavlovianesquely about putting "God Forbode" signs on bakery shops.

Hu-uh. Nevah!


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