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1 2nd June 10:30
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Default Oral Insulin Spray (research + some insulin usage statistics) (insulin diabetes diet down exercise)

- - -

New words, Insulinitis and Cellosis, used to supplement the
old words which are used to describe those conditions in
the following web article:

- - -

Oral Insulin Spray

- - -



People with Insulinitis (type 1 diabetes) don't make insulin
and need regular injections of the hormone to stay alive.

Patients with Cellosis (type 2 diabetes) can often control
the disease through diet, exercise, lifestyle modifications
and medications. However, some of those with Cellosis
(type 2 diabetes) will eventually need insulin treatment to
control glucose levels.

The CDC estimates that nearly 1/3 of people with Insulinitis
and Cellosis (diabetes) use insulin.

[based on another article posted earlier today, that includes
24 million Americans, and based on a general estimate that
90 percent have Cellosis, that means that 21.6 million have
Cellosis, and 2.4 million have Insulinitis.

All 2.4 million with Insulinitis must inject or pump Insulin to
stay alive - presently - so if the 1/3 estimate on Insulin usage
is correct, that means that a total of 8 million Americans use
Insulin, that 2.4 million of them are the total number of Amer-
icans with Insulinitis, and that the remainder, 5.6 million, are
Americans with Cellosis.

Therefore, over 25% of the 21.6 million Americans with Cellosis
are using Insulin to supplement the Insulin which persons with
Cellosis continue to automatically produce, and close to 75%
of Americans with Cellosis are not using Insulin, but instead
are using other medications and/or diet and exercise in their
battle against Cellosis.]


Insulin Spray

Insulin can't be given in a pill form because the digestive tract
breaks it down before it can enter the bloodstream. Therefore,
people who need insulin must take regular injections of the
hormone [or must use an insulin pump]. Some people have
a hard time accepting the injections, leading to poor compliance
and a greater risk for complications from diabetes.

Researchers are now testing a new way to deliver insulin, by
using a mouth spray. The new form of insulin is called Oral-lyn
and it's delivered through a RapidMist device. The RapidMist
is similar to an inhaler. But instead of breathing the drug into the
lungs, patients hold it inside their mouth, where it is absorbed
through the cheek lining.

Dennis Gage, M.D., Endocrinologist with Beth Israel Medical
Center in New York City, says this lining has a lot of blood
vessels, enabling the drug to be quickly absorbed into the

Usage is simple. Gage explains the patient exhales, sprays and
holds the drug inside the mouth for about three seconds. A single
spray delivers one unit of insulin to the cheek lining. The dosage
of insulin can be adjusted by increasing the number of sprays.
Thus, if the patient uses more insulin, he/she simply repeats the
process until the required dose is achieved.

Oral-lyn is a fast-acting type of insulin that's currently being tested
for use before meals. Gage expects that many patients will find the
oral spray form of insulin easier and more acceptable to use than
injectable forms. However, some people, especially those with
Insulinitis (type 1 diabetes), will still need injections of longer-act-
ing insulin to control their glucose levels.

There are two clinical trials currently being conducted for Oral-lyn.


- - - end excerpts - - -
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