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1 2nd August 07:27
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Default OT: (For some groups) Asthma Inhaler Shortage Warning (asthma)

I'm not implying anything. I making clear statements outright.

30 million people in the US have asthma.

Something in the neighborhood of 5000 of them are getting Xolair.

0.016% would be considered a small minority by just about anyone.

The original leukotriene inhibitors were developed by university scientists
back in the 70's and early 80's. Singulair wasn't even the first one on the market.

1) This is evasive - It does not address my point that the drugs are not
being invented by drug companies - just developed for FDA approval.

2) This is a "straw man" - I never advocated dropping the drugs in the US
to the prices of third world countries. I have been very ******** in saying
we should be paying what the first world countries are paying.

I didn't say development. I said invention.

Again, that does not address my point.

It also does not support your point that if the profit margin were less
(note: less - not zero) that the drug companies would not have developed it.

It seems that just as you did with "Dr Feelgood" that you are trying to
shift losing arguments to ones with more firm footing. You said that without
the high prices paid in the US the drug companies would not be motivated to
invent new drugs. I pointed out that both elements of that are wrong. The
drug companies only rarely, if ever, invent new types of drugs and they will
continue bringing new drugs to market for substantially less money than they
do now.

The first assertion is just a fact. I can't prove where every drug was
invented. Your inability to point out any novel drugs that were invented by
drug companies and efforts to shift the discussion to bringing (already
invented classes of) drugs to market is, however, supportive. If drug
company R&D is making significant contributions to the innovation of new
types of drugs then it should be easy for you to do as I have asked and name
5 of them.

The second assertion is supported by two facts:
1) The drug company profts are multiples, often ten times, of other
industries that continue to bring out new products regularly (such as cars).

2) They have no choice. If they do not bring out new products within two
decades they will have no more patented products to sell.

I have yet to see you offer any valid argument at all against either of
those two assertions. If you can't please either just say so or stop
responding. Don't try to change the argument to one you think you can win.

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