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1 23rd October 13:34
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Default OTHER: How to ask for help? (cancer)

My sister came up with another idea. Get a good friend to be your help
organizer. Do the list as already suggested, then have the friend
contact folks to agree to specific items. It is easier emotionally
than asking yourself, and it gives the friend a special role in the
recovery of your family. At the end, have the friend ask everyone for
one last favor, to bring a dish to share for the thank you to everyone

My sister did this for a neighbor who was dying of cancer, had 3 kids
and a hubby who traveled for business. Sis did not know a soul, as
sshe had just moved to that area. She met a bunch of new friends in
the process and helped someone who really needed it. Hope things get
better for you soon, Cath.
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2 27th October 08:12
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Default OTHER: How to ask for help?

Fantastically good ideas! Adding them to my Brilliant Solutions
Notebook. Thanks! best, Marnia
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