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1 21st March 13:15
lu tze
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Default Pancreatitis (zits enlarged spleen duodenum calcium ultrasound)

Had an ultrasound guided pancreatic biopsy yesterday.
They are trying to establish whether or not I have a tumour there or if the
head is enlarged (by about 1cm) due to alcohol.
Dr Dafydd Richards the radiologist seems to think it is not a tumour due to
there being calcium deposits in the pancreas which suggest pancreatitis.

However, I have experienced none of the symptoms that seem to be associated
with pancreatitis. In deed, these days, tiredness/breathlessness/very white
finger and toenails and the sleepiness nights seem to be the ongoing
symptoms that are ever present.
I also frequently get small zits and what appear to be fluid filled spots on
my face.
Does anyone have any similar experience with pancreatitis? could it be that
I just haven't suffered an attack yet?
I put these questions to the good Dr but his experience is I think limited
when all the factors (I.E hepc, liver disease, enlarged spleen, gallstones)
etc are taken together.

He is,a very good radiologist/wielder of and endoscope.
As before I watched it all in live action.
Discomfort as the endoscope passes through the duodenum but mostly pain free
and I was out of there and on my way home less than an hour later, much to
the chagrin of the nursing staff who seem to believe that an overnight stay
is necessary
Lu Tze

Whale Oil Beef Hooked.
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