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1 14th April 11:03
dave mcguriman
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Default Paxil and weaning (xanax panic withdrawal)

I suffer from PD. I started on Paxil 20mg a year and a half ago
supplementing it with .25 xanax as needed. I took 3 xanax a day for 3
months and then just shut it off because it actually began causing it's own
attacks. That went well for awhile until Paxil jsut wasn't doing it for me.
My pdoc changed me to Paxil Cr at that time. 25 MG. That didn't quite cut
it so I went up to 37.5. At the same time I moved from MA to VT. After 4
months of living in my beloved Vermont my panic attacks have disappeared. I
cant really say if it was because of moving into a MUCGH less stressful
lifestyle or i the 37.5 did it. But I have not have a PA in many months. I
can't tell you all how joyous it is to be PA free because many of you still
deal with it on a daily basis but let me say, it ****ign rules! Anyway, I
am 2 weeks away from running out of my drug and I dont know waht to do.

A.) I have not yet found a new pdoc in my location, if someone in the N VT
area can rec one that would be great.

B.) My srcipt will soon run out. What do I do when I call a pdoc and they
say they dont have an opening for a month??

C.) I dont want to quit this stuff cold turkey, what do I do.

In other words, I feel like I'm screwed. I have less than 2 weeks of a med
that doesn't enjoy instant withdrawal from. Doctors are all full and
getting a prescrition isn't easy from a regular doc. I have seen online
p-laces to but this drug, are they ok?

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2 14th April 11:03
dave mcguriman
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Default Paxil and weaning

a regular doc. I have seen online

allow me to add, I have a call into my old pdoc message service. Is it too
much to ask that my script be extended? I am willing to pay for an over the
phone consult if that's what is necessary. I mean I am doing so well that I
would like to stay on the drug a little longer and then setup with a new
pdoc. Any advice would be appreciated.
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3 14th April 11:03
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Default Paxil and weaning (withdrawal)

Great News! I'm also from MA and been to VT recently and felt better myself.
Maybe it's the cleaner air ; )
Since you mentioned a less stressful lifestlye, I believe that played a very
big role into your recovery. I plan moving out of MA as well next year.

I don't know anything about online companies who sell anti-depressants so
can't comment there. But you should be able to have the doc that originally
prescribed you Paxil get you a script over the phone and pick it up at any
franchise drug store (CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreen's, etc.)
If you're not able to do that then I would suggest going to a Walk-In type
place or even the ER and explain your situation, give them your old doc's
information and have them call him/her and they will prescribe you more
Paxil CR so you can wean off it slowly or give you enough time to find a new

BTW I was on 12.5mg of Paxil CR for 3 months and practically stopped it cold
turkey and felt no withdrawal or very little. I don't suggest you do this,
but the time-release version may be helpful getting off the drug. I had a
hell of a time weaning onto it though. I was also (and still am) on Xanax
the entire time, so that may have helped as well.

Hope everything works out....Good Luck!
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