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1 5th July 20:51
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Default Ping: Geri (Make-up/beauty supplies for young ****s) (heart)

: >we'd started letting sunshine wear pale pink lipstick or mascara
(or on a
: >real special occasion, a spritz of one of my lightest perfumes)
when she was
: >'bout ten or so...not much past that...
: >
: >Jess
: Yeah.... I'm probably being too old-fashioned, aren't I?
: Sheila <--mean mama. ;-)

No. Kayla started to wear make-up in 6th grade, I let her pick one
product to wear daily, then 2 for 7th grade. I held veto power (and
still do) over anything that is too wild. So far she has a lot more
class than I did when I was her age.
With hope and heart,
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