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1 28th April 20:22
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Default post colectomy / ileostomy problem (ileostomy)

It's been about 3 weeks since I have my surgery, and ***ual function has not
returned to normal yet. It only seems to work 1/2 way. The doctor says
this is normal, but this is also the doctor who took 6 hours to do my
surgery open. Any one know any different?

Email is ok for a reply if you don't want to post.

Thank you.
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2 28th April 20:22
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Default post colectomy / ileostomy problem (ileostomy)

I would think that 3 weeks is a bit too soon to be expecting things to be
returned to normal, your body has just undergone major surgery and
everything gets affected. Me being female I can't tell you exactly how long
it will be but, from what I've heard from other males after surgery, it is
normally at least 6 weeks, before things start working properly again.

Ileo May 2002 due to CD

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3 28th April 20:22
ron g
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Default post colectomy / ileostomy problem (ileostomy down rectum)

I'm a male, and I agree.
Give it some time, maybe a couple months.
My Doctor refused to allow me to have *** until enough healing had occurred.
That was in 1996, and if I recall, that was a couple or a few months. After
about a month and a half, I thought I might be ready, was all excited about
the possibility, but my Dr refused permission, saying he wanted me to
complete healing internally first.

When I did finally have *** with my wife, I am not at all ashamed whatsoever
to say I broke down crying afterward, from just plain relief that I was
still able to have a normal *** life. I'm never one to have ever wept cried.
I'm quite direct and straightforward, but life is VERY real!

To a man that's so, so, so important, I guess all the testosterone. I've
climbed mountains, hunted escaped armed prisoners, been shot at with rifle,
pistol, shotgun, shot, slug and all sorts of other "manly" stuff. I only
count the shots that came within 6 to 12 inches from my face, cause I an
remember the whistle or buzz, depending on what type of ammo was being shot
at me. Not important, 'cause I survived.
That's not manly, that's just happenstance of life experiences.
But a normal *** life---now that's something IMPORTANT!

I told the Surgeon before the surgery "If you cut the nerve where I can't
anymore, then let me kickoff on the surgical table, or else, 6 months later
I'll be jumping out of a 6th story window". I was doped up at the time, and
I still don't know how serious I meant that. Never will.
Wait a while, let time and nature heal you.
You don't want to do internal harm, and you probably feel great that you are
already showing signs of returning ability.

Ileostomy and Colectomy (rectum removal)
Please don't anyone say I am overreacting---some things are very important,
be male or female.
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4 28th April 20:22
ron g
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Default post colectomy / ileostomy problem (ileostomy)

By the way <big grin>

I can prove God has a sense of humor.
When he made us men
He gave us a brain and a penis
and just enough blood supply
to only run one at a time

Ron <g>
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