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1 20th March 03:24
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Default potassium (potassium lasix vioxx pulmonary nexium)

After reading the whole thread on Potassium it suddenly made me sit up and
think. I have been in a flare for about 7 weeks now and the doc has
diagnosed me with heart failure. During the flare I have been taking
prednisone plaquinil vioxx and nexium and he increased my lasix to 40 mm.

He didn't suggest bananas like you all did so while I type I am chugging down
bananas and the keyboard is sticky. Today I had an echo cardigram and
yesterday pulmonary function tests and blood work and tomorrow I see the
doc again. I think it is esophogeal because of the excessive acid that
is making my hiatal hernia act up and it irritates the whole chest. Because
of the shortness of breath he is giving me the heart failure diagnoses.

It is hard to express how much you all give in encouragement, and ideas,
and love You are so appreciated love ruth
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2 20th March 03:24
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Default potassium (potassium)

Hi Ruth,
Look for an invitation under the other potassium thread.
BJ-Sk. Canada
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3 20th March 03:24
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Default potassium (potassium)

Ruth, keep us posted on what you find out at the docs!!!!!!
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4 20th March 03:24
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Default potassium (potassium lasix menopause heart esophagus)

Hello Ruthie

You my dear are so right. Why in the world didn't the doc tell you, that
with all those meds you would indeed have or may develope low potassium
level. Has he checked your blood work lately? Probably not. but it is
necessary if you are especially on lasix.

But knowing you like I do, I agree that it might be related to again this
esophagus problems. I know sometimes things are so very overlooked by docs
lately. Shove it off, so to speak. Esp if you are over 60 or even 50
anymore. Blame it on menopause or what ever they come up with.
that esophagus can indeed mimic the heart problems but they need to do more
test to tell you that you have heart failure too besides an EKG. Did you
have a ECHO????? need that one honey, plus wouldn't hurt to check that
scope out for the esoph. I know you hate that but it is for the best, so
they can indeed give you the right treatment.

Shortness of breath can come from a lot of things. Now I am not your
doctor, SARGE remember? LOL but please push him to check you out more than
he is doing. Need some encouragement?

Send me email...YOU know I love your mail

bananna cream pie is good too and since you bake, put in extra nanna's LOL
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