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1 6th April 14:49
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Default Problems (stomach pneumonia diverticulitis)

Hi I have posted once before to this group but just want some feedback on a
problem !!

I had diverticulitis in about 1999 and the pain was just so severe,
but unfortunately I was left at home for about 7 days just being
given Morphine etc and eventually my bowel burst and I had emergency
surgery and then got septicaemia and then pneumonia and was unsconcious for
about 7 days which was terrible for my husband and sons. Anyway to cut a
long story short I now have a Colostomy Bag.

The above is what I first posted, but since then it may be coincidence, but
realise that a fair amount of my bowel was removed but I seem to be having
a lot of problems eating fatty foods eg. last week we had KFC and I love
it and also their Potatoe and Gravy but I certainly sufffered the next day
with very very upset stomach with wevere diarrhoea but no vomiting. I have
also found this with a couple of other fatty foods I have had. I realize I
should be more careful but every once in a while it's nice to have a
special treat of what you like !!!

My question is, does anyone know that this is related to my bowel problem
(and just can' tolerate fatty foods at all now) or could it be related to
something totally different.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated and I promise I will reply to all.


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