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1 29th January 04:20
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Default Propranolol (asthmatic depression propranolol)

Hi Philip,
I'm not asthmatic as far as I know. I am a mouth breather though, I
don't know whether or not that has any effect on things. And yes, a
GP did prescribe these meds and the physical he gave me said there was
really nothing else. The hard time breathing has gone away and now
I'm just a little bit anxious at all times, no symptoms really, just
kinda nervous feeling. He said if these meds do not work he will
prescribe something for me that is normally prescribed for those with
depression, but I have no clue what those are. Also, I do not know
how long he has me taking the propranolol for, at least a month for
sure, but I'm not sure after that. Any input that you might think is
good to know? Thanks for your previous suggestions.
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2 31st January 17:17
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Default Propranolol (stress panic anxiety heart holter monitor)

He means an antidepressant. Most ADs are also effective for
anxiety/panic. If your symptoms have left by and large there may be no
reason to be medicated at all. Propanolol can help with the *heart
symptoms* of anxiety disorders but not with other symptoms so as
monotherapy for an anxiety disorder it is worthless. It also lowers
blood pressure (its primary aim) so maybe your doctor should monitor
your BP as long as you're on it (there are do-it-yourself kits available
too). If you feel propanolol helps you that's fine ("if it works, it
works") and you can decide yourself when to stop it (slowly).
Indomethacin is a pain killer but if you would have chest pains again
they may be attributable to anxiety but it's always best to have it
checked, not by a GP but by way of an EKG, a 24 holter monitor and a
stress test to rule out other causes. If you should havew to be treated
for an anxiety disorder (which is not clear to me at this point) IMO it
would be wise to get a referral to a psychiatrist as this is outside the
competence of a GP. For anxiety Ativan is the best med mentioned here
(IMO) but .5 mg daily is a very low dose.

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