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1 26th September 08:34 (susan
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Default Provigil....and your heart

I'm taking Provigil also, but only on days when I'm up early enough, as some one said, to not interrupt sleep. BUT, the same day Dr. Gupta was speaking of the benefits of Provigil...a health news correspondent on the subject reminded people with heart problems NOT to take this drug. My own PCP told me not to take it...she said "you'll have a cardiac". Yeah, maybe. She's also a really poor PCP for CFS. But I do have heart problems...that's why I'm seeing Dr. Lerner I hope.
So, while I do take it on those days I need to, if you have heart problems or think you do (as Robert K. and I do), be careful about it's usage. I try taking 100 mg. to see how my heart responds, then take another 100 if no palpitations start. I guess I'm somewhat sensitive about my heart these days and the bad results of my stress tests.
I have found that while it really doesn't give me more energy (for physical exertion, it does keep me alert...and quite talkative!! ; ) like I needed help with that.
I will post my stats on people that recover from CFS and the long as you do too. That was the deal. My stats against yours. No competition you understand!! : > Suzq
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2 27th September 14:35 (robert
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Default Provigil....and your heart

I do not take Provigil. If you understand what CFS is, the end result of
viral damage to the left ventricle of the heart, you would be very wary of
taking anything that acts on the body as a stimulant. As a cardiac patient
I had the diagnosis of left ventricle hypertrophy before my PCP diagnosed me
with CFS. Dr. Lerner has proved the connection between left ventricle
hypertrophy and CFS. My (now former) PCP is still stuck in her little box.
She's an infectious disease specialist, but can't make the connection to
cardiac symptoms. Likewise, my cardiologist wasn't trained to see
left-ventricle hypertrophy as a viral disease symptom.

My cardiologist prescribed Atenolol, a blood pressure reducing drug to
partially relieve the load on my left ventricle (which pumps blood to the
rest of the body). This works, possibly too well. I am currently taking
25mg daily. Before getting Valcyte I needed 50mg and 25mg on alternating
days. I had originally been prescribed 50mg daily which I discovered was
too effective. I was suddenly able to do to much for my own good. I took a
long, very enjoyable bike trip and ended up reactivating the virus, night
sweats, fatigue, etc.

If you are dubious of the cardiac-CFS connection, think about this. Dr.
Lerner has determined that every patient he has seen with CFS has a very
particular EKG anomaly, flattened or negative T-waves. Check out your own
EKG. If your T-waves are abnormal, an echo cardiogram will likely show a
wall thickening in the left ventricle.

Bob Kessler
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3 27th September 14:35 (paul
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Default Provigil....and your heart

I'm the person who posted the original message re: my wife benefiting from
Provigil, and should have made it clear that she has no really pronounced CFS
symptoms, per se, although she is and has been bipolar. Her work and other
stressors have pushed her to the point of phys./emotional breakdown, from which
she's had to take off work. So her situation is a little different.

As an (four-time) ex-marathon runner I understood that there was some anomaly
with my heart functioning, and am still learning more about the link, 7 years
after I visited Johns Hopkins' electrocardio unit. There I took the infamous
tilt-table test, results were inconclusive, but was given Florinef, which
helped me go back to work. I later added Atenelol to moderate the artificially
elevated b.p.

This medication, Provigil is primarily used for narcolepsy, and my wife was
having trouble staying awake during the day, although it's highly dubious
whether or not her symptoms are truly CFS. It probably should be prescribed only by
a virtual expert on our disease, then she/he should collaborate

Paul Davis
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4 29th September 20:01 (mary
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Default Provigil....and your heart

Please take me off your distribution list


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in China." Garfield, 1984
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5 12th October 04:24 (a
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Default Provigil....and your heart

I have been very re about cardiovascular problems. My CFS doc, although an
infectious disease specialist like yours, sent me to one of the best
units in Boston. I really just wanted the tilt table test done correctly, but
I spooked
the young female physician and said if I were a man there'd be no question,
I'd get
the full workup. I'm surprised she didn't do an angiogram. I'll have to look
at my EKG, but my echo cardiagram was perfect.
Any other suggestions?
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